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Minnesota’s Leech Lake offers abundant stories for writers and media. It is an area of great history with diverse cultures, colorful personalities and stunning seasonal changes. One of the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota, Leech Lake is 111,000 acres with over 600 miles of shoreline, the third largest lake in the State.

While meandering through the many bays that make up Leech Lake, vacationers find a shoreline uncluttered by development showing off the peaceful deep woods nature. Leech Lake is nestled in the heart of the Chippewa National Forest which in 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt signed the papers making the Chippewa the first National Forest established east of the Mississippi.

The world class fishing attracts vacationers from around the globe. There are many species of fish found in Leech Lake ranging from Walleye, Muskie, and Largemouth Bass to Jumbo Perch and Crappie.

Families explore the town of Walker on Walker Bay and Main Street with quaint ‘up north’ shops and unique restaurants. Our many events throughout the year allow our guests to experience our ‘Minnesota Nice’ that the area residents offer in every season.

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Story Opportunities

Leech Lake and the surrounding area offers everything needed for a relaxing vacation. More is offered than world class recreation. Where sky meets water we have even more...

  • The last battle in the American Indian War was fought on Leech Lake.
  • The City of Walker was founded on lumber mills and pioneering citizens
  • Walker as an event city with rich festivals and cultural celebrations
  • There is history here----of PaleoIndian people living along the lakeshore 10,000 years ago. As well as Dakota and Anishinabe people, French Voyageurs and early loggers make up a diverse past.
  • Chippewa National Forest
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Our local area fishing guides including Al Maas
  • Moondance Jam – one of Minnesota’s largest outdoor music festivals.

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A Favorite Fishery of “Fishing The Midwest”

"If you’re looking for walleyes to put on the table, Leech has’em." says author Bob Jensen.

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Leech Lake – Outdoor Lovers' Paradise

"While Leech Lake is most well-known for its lake and world class fishing, many outdoorsmen have made this region a premier destination for other activities, like hunting."

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Leech Lake - Minnesota's Fishing Hot Spot

Story excerpt: "Last year, we had reports of fisherman catching more than 200 fish a day," said Paulsen. "That's typically unheard of, but the fishing on Leech Lake is that good."

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Leech Lake - Fishing and a Whole Lot More!

Story excerpt: Leech Lake has long been known as Minnesota's fishing "hot spot." Today, however, this original "up north" destination has become the ultimate northwoods vacation for families each and every season.

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