Leech Lake Fishing Map

DNR Fishing Map
© 1993 State of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Division of Fish & Wildlife
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Six boats on the lake

Our Leech Lake fishing map gives you perspective on the large size of the lake. Leech Lake gives its visitors the luxury of enjoying the small lake environment with its many bays while also offering visitors a large lake to explore.

Minnesota borders Canada to the north and marks the western most port in the Great Lakes. Minnesota became the 32nd U.S. State in 1858. Considered the Upper Midwest, the area also is called the five state area from a Minnesota perspective: Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota and Minnesota.

The Leech Lake area is a pleasant drive of less than four hours from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St.Paul, the final half of it through the magnificent evergreen northwoods. From Duluth, Fargo, St. Cloud, the trip takes a little over two hours.

The area is dotted with Minnesota resorts and things to do including family activities and great Minnesota fishing. Leech Lake itself is 112,000 acres. Within 30 miles, you'll find another 125 lakes welcoming visitors.