Minnesota Crappie Fishing

It can be challenge to locate crappies during some seasons, but the quality of the fish can be exceptional.

Locations on the lake and patterns are similar to those for sunfish.

Tip…. crappies bite best early and late in the day. 

Spring: Harbors, marinas, shallow back bays, but specifically in dead bulrush stems. Fish 1/32 - 1/8 oz. pink/white jigs with small minnows or wax worms on a slip bobber rig. A long pole is an advantage to probe specific holes in cover where fish are found. Little jigs with spinners and grubs work well for more aggressive fish.

Summer: The fish move into the weed beds and wild rice during the day and toward the edges at dark. Run the edges, usually in 10’ or less, with an electric motor until you locate fish using small jigs with plastic trailers, grubs or twisters, or small spinners like Beetle Spins and Roadrunners.

Fall: Crappies move back into weedlines and bays where they will spend the winter. Some fish will be deep also, so use electronics to locate them and then drop a small jig on them.


Sail boat turning

Leech Lake Fishing Tip

Crappies bite best early and late 
in the day.

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