About Leech Lake

Fishing Leech Lake

Most of Leech Lake is less than 35 feet deep, but it does reach up to depths of around 150 feet in Walker Bay. Leech Lake is primarily located in Cass County and the nearest town is Walker, Minnesota. Leech Lake is approximately 112,835 acres, with 195 miles of shoreline. About 78 miles of the shoreline is considered an ideal spawning habitat for walleyes because of its rocky nature. If you would like to learn more about fishing Leech Lake check out our Leech Lake fishing tips, or if you’re ready to hit the water find a place to stay now!

For more information about Leech Lake, visit the DNR Lake Information Report or contact us.


Sail boat turning

Leech Lake has a distinguished silhouette on any Minnesotan map. The unique shape of the shoreline is an extension of the lake’s beautiful and natural surroundings located largely within the Leech Lake Indian Reservation and the Chippewa National Forest. Leech Lake is the third largest lake in Minnesota.