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Ice fishing tips

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Here in Leech Lake we love to ice fish. What better way to relax from your crazy life, then to be on the ice on a sunny winter day reeling in the fish. Here are some fishing tips that can help you get everything you want out of your Leech Lake fishing trip:


Be sure to ask the locals and resort owners where the fish are biting. They are the ones who know the lake best and are always willing to give you the best experience possible.


You will be sure to find the best walleye action a little closer to Walker, MN. While your there you can stop in town and grab a bite to eat and get warm before heading back out to the ice.


Catching pike is not the challenging part. Finding them is! But, once you have found them a tip up, a heavy line with a wire leader, and a plain old hook with a live minnow will work wonders.


Look into a fishing guides. There are plenty here in Leech Lake that would love to get you on the fish!


Book a stay at one our lodges! There are plenty of places to stay here in the winter. Check out which places offer ice house rentals and guide services so you can get out on the ice today!

We hope to see you on the ice this winter! Remember to look into our lodging packages to see where you can stay on your next fishing trip to Leech Lake, Minnesota’s Original “Up North”.


Friday, September 7th, 2018

If you’re in search of the perfect trophy fish, look no further Leech Lake is the HOT spot!  The Muskie is well known for being an elusive predator, able to avoid even the most appealing lure. While it can be challenging, it also means that you have an opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of Leech Lake that surrounds you.  Take your time, relax and wait for that Muskie to bite (inevitable on Leech Lake) before you know it you will have your trophy photo with you and this monster fish! Leech Lake is one of the best Muskie Lakes in the state of Minnesota. Take some tips from Troy Linder Fishing, Troy recently had an opportunity to fish with the AnglingBuzz/Fleet Farm contest winner on Leech Lake. Sounds like they had a great time!

Pull out your vegetation map, or use our maps, and find the “cabbage” – AKA weed beds. Muskie like to stick to the deeper edges of the weed beds where food is easy to come by. Here are some spots we recommend:

  • Sucker Bay – Offers thick cabbage and plenty of food, this is a top spot for Muskies on Leech Lake. If you are able to catch them in an aggressive mood you are sure to get a big bite in no time.

  • Walker Bay Narrows – Although weeds have thinned out over the years, boulders still make it a great spot.

  • Agency Bay – If you’re not finding much luck in either in the narrows head over to Agency Bay. Not too far away, the edges can provide some very aggressive muskies that have moved out of the narrows.

  • Bear Island Narrows – This spot has thick pond-weeds. Leech’s muskies are known to hangout on the eastern tip of Bear Island. This location is often missed by most anglers but can be a great location, less crowded with fish.

  • Portage Bay – Hit the deeper edges of the weed beds, right around the 15 ft. drop off or push in a little shallower.

  • Black Duck Point – On the edge of thick Boy Bay weed beds may result in some serious pulls. Finish off your day here, slow during the day but at dusk there is a definite shift.

We hope this gets you excited to find the perfect spot on Leech Lake to get that trophy Muskie! If you know of any additional hotspots please feel free to share in the comments. Whether you are looking for that trophy muskie or looking to try fishing Leech Lake for the first time, find your perfect lodging with us. Hope to see you on the water!

Winter Wonderland

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Winter break is on its way and family plans are being made. We may be a bit bias, but we think the best place to spend the holiday is on the shores of Leech Lake.

Whether you love the snow and are an avid ice fisherman or snowmobiler, or if you prefer to tuck away with a book in front of the wood burning fire, our many resorts and inns can fit your needs.

Family Vacation in Leech Lake, Minnesota

Many of our lodging partners offer special deals to help celebrate the holiday and ring in the New Year. The area has several open houses and celebrations to check out, including an abundance of Christmas lights and celebrations throughout the town.

Check out our lodging page to book your next winter getaway with us here on Leech Lake.

Leech Lake Eelpout Fishing

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Leech Lake is one of Minnesota’s top fishing destinations, especially when it comes to the Eelpout fishing. Eelpout fishing is a big deal around here, and we are proud to hold the International Eelpout Festival every February. You’re probably thinking, can I only fish for Eelpout in the winter? And the answer is no. You can fish Eelpout year round, but the best time to fish for Eelpout is in late February. It is said that it is best to fish for Eelpout right before the first light of the day, or from sunset and on.International Eelpout Festival- Leech Lake

What is an Eelpout?

A Burbot, also known as an Eelpout, is a deepwater fish that is a cross between an eel and a catfish. Eelpout’s colors often times vary from yellow-brown to a dark olive with different color patches, which gives it camouflage like appearance. They often times have small scales, slimy skin, and nostrils that resemble a catfish.  They usually weigh around six pounds and are less than 28 inches long. They typically have a very long body with smooth skin and a single whisker under its chin. Eelpout is known to be great predators and is excellent to eat. Bubot can most commonly be found in northern Minnesota lake and river, including Lake Superior, but can also be found in part of the lower Mississippi River. The Burbot is a good indicator of a healthy watershed. They typically require water temperatures lower than 70 degrees in the summer and are a rare catch, but come winter the freshwater predator comes very much alive and active



How to catch an Eelpout

Most Eelpouts are accidently caught by anglers who are targeting other fish such as walleye. When deciding what bait to use, they typically are drawn to minnows on a spoon or jig that is hanging out in the lower muddy areas of the lake.  It’s important that when fishing for an Eelpout that you keep a watchful eye on your line because they have a very sensitive bite and if you wait too long, you will end up losing your opportunity. Eelpout typically is active during the lower light hours of the day.  If you’re lucky enough to catch an Eelpout, you have a good fish feed in your future!

International Eelpout Festival-Leech Lake


Fishing in Leech Lake

Want to find out how well the fish are biting this week? Check out our fishing report!


Leech Lake Public Access: Boat Landings

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Leech Lake has a number of well maintained public access boat landings surrounding the lake, to ensure everyone has easy access to the water. In this post we have aggregated all the public landings into one easy to navigate layout so you can find and quickly get directions to the nearest Leech Lake public access point. Another, even easier way to get on the water and enjoy the lake is to stay at one of the Leech Lakes beautiful resorts, which all have on site boat landings. Most resorts will also allow non-guest boat landing use for a fee as well. If you are looking for a boat landing and somewhere to stay we recommend the stone and two birds solution - find Leech Lake lodging now. If you just want to test the waters before taking a long week at one of the resorts (no one comes to Leech Lake just once!), below you will find details on each Leech Lake public access point, including directions.

Leech Lake Public Access Points

 Erickson’s Landing

Offering easy public access right off the highway onto Walker bay and directly next to the inlet to Kabekona bay this boat landing offers a sizable parking area and a wide ramp. The landings name also has some interesting background. According to local recollection, it is called Erickson’s Landing in remembrance of the one armed truck driver who originally owned the property, that is now public access.


Walker City Park Boat Landing

This is one of Leech Lakes best maintained public access landings, and often the busiest. Located just off downtown Walker and within the park the location is central to Walker Bay and offers very quick access to Agency Bay as well.


Shingobee Bay Public Access

This Leech Lake landing puts you in the very far south-western edge of the lake in Shingobee but is often quiet and offers extremely easy access to Agency and Walker Bays.


Stony Point Landing

The Stony Point landing offers one of the most central landings on the lake, it offers easy access to the center of the lake and is located between Traders Bay and Pelican Island.


Whipholt Roadside Public Access Point

Located directly between Rogers and Diamond points on a long sandy beach this landing offers easy access to the central southern portion of the Lake.


Brevik Town Boat Landing

Located just outside of Headquarters bay and near the southern tip of Bear Island this landing offers quick access to nearby weed beds surrounding the eastern side of Bear Island. This quiet public landing is gravel and offers limited parking.


Battle Point Leech Lake Public Access

Located nearly in the intersection of Boy and Headquarter’s Bays this well maintained landing offers a large parking area and a wide ramp with easy access.


Federal Dam Boat Landing

This very well maintained landing offers a large paved parking area and a very wide paved ramp. Offering easy access to great fishing around the inlet and easy central lake access.


Sucker Bay Landing

Another recently updated landing, this Leech Lake Boat landing offers a long gradual ramp a sizable paved parking area and quick access to the central lake.


We hope this post helps make getting on the water easier than ever before. Leech Lake Public Access points provide quick and easy access to all parts of the lake, allowing you to easily enjoy the water, whether you want to spend the day fishing, cruising, tubing, or skiing. If you just want to spend a day on the water or want to test the waters on your first visit to the area public access landings are a great option. However, if you are looking to truly enjoy all the area has to offer check out area lodging, and plan your next trip to Leech Lake. See you on the water!



Minnesota Fishing Resorts – Leech Lake

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Minnesota has so many lakes and so many fishing resorts it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect combination. Some base their choice on the type of fish they most enjoy catching, or the lakes limits on particular species of fish. Some base their choice on the type of lodging they are looking for; whether that be a rustic cabin or a luxurious lake home, and some choose the perfect Minnesota fishing resort based on the fishing potential of the lake on which it is located. Of these three categories Leech Lake tics all the boxes for those seeking out the perfect Minnesota fishing resorts. With nearly a dozen different species of fish with healthy populations, well over 20 different lakeside fishing resort options, and the third largest lake in Minnesota, you would be hard pressed to find another location that offers all these features in such abundance. Need more detail on why all the best Minnesota fishing resorts are on Leech Lake?



Fishing Resort Options

With nearly 30 fishing resort options you can afford to be choosy when you take your next fishing trip. Many offer boat and fishing gear rentals in the spring, summer and fall seasons. Then when winter arrives they offer all you could need to make your ice fishing trip a success, including large ice houses! Several resorts have full lodges with restaurants and more, so after a long day on the water and ice fishing you don’t need to drive to town or cook a meal, you can get everything you need in one location, which means more time to fish and explore Leech Lakes nearly 103,000 acres and 195 miles of varied and beautiful shoreline. Need more reasons to choose a Leech Lake resort during your search for the best Minnesota fishing resorts. How about free fish cleaning and packaging as part of your stay! Many resorts in the area offer this amazing service few appreciate until they have to clean a half dozen fish for the family! We have an amazing amenity/features search tool that can help you easily choose the perfect fishing resort for your needs, check it out now and get matched with the perfect resort.


Fish Slot Limits on Leech Lake

  • Walleye – Leech Lake has a unique slot limit for Walleye compared to most other lakes in Minnesota. It allows a slot limit of four Walleye and all Walleye between 20-­26” must be immediately released and one over 26” allowed in possession.
  • Northern Pike – These large predators have a growing population on Leech Lake. You can take three but may only keep one over 30″.
  • Muskie – Leech Lake has provided some of Minnesota’s largest Muskie’s, with the size of the lake allowing them to grow to truly amazing weights. Their is a limit of one and it must be over 54″.
  • Bass – These challenging catches can be quite aggressive on Leech Especially during the sunrise hours. The slot limit is 6 total (small &  large-mouth) from May 28th to September 11th. During the winter their a 6 catch limit for Large-mouth and catch and release only for small-mouth.
  • Crappie – Most often found around Moonlight bay and the surrounding area their is a limit of 10.
  • Sunfish- Slot limit of 20. Leech Lake holds the state record for largest Sunfish at over 1 lb.
  • Perch – Leech Lake is especially well known for it’s abundant perch population  with a 20 a day slot limit.
  • Eelpout – No Limit!
  • Trout – Sometimes found around the inlets and outlets, there is a 5 catch limit and a season from May to October.
  • Whitefish – Another slot limit unique to Leech Lake, their is a limit of 25. Leech Lake holds the record for largest Whitefish at 12 lbs.
minnesota fishing resorts
There are many Minnesota fishing resorts to choose from throughout the state, but one would be hard pressed to find such a concentration of fishing resorts anywhere else. The quantity of choices and fish species available to anglers on Leech Lake makes every trip a s success. If your not having luck with Bass you can just switch to targeting Walleye or one of the many other species and because Leech Lake is so large their is always another spot to try. As one of Minnesota’s top 21 fishing lakes a fishing trip here is not to be missed. Your search for Minnesota fishing resorts is over, you have found the Leech Lake Area!


Fall Fishing Spots On Leech Lake

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Fall brings mild temperatures and a respite from the summer heat before the chill of winter arrives to Leech Lake. It also brings an amazing array of colors to the area, with beautiful hues of red and yellow reflecting of the waters of Leech Lake. Which offers the perfect backdrop to your next fishing trip! With fall coming fishing tactics and spots also change on the Lake. In this post we will share the best fishing spots and tactics for some of Leech Lakes most popular fish, during the mid-Fall months.

Walleye: As the lake transitions into fall, Walleye will start to wait just outside the shallows of Portage and Sucker Bays as well as shallow narrows as dying vegetation on the shores start to push smaller bait fish out into slightly deeper water. The edges of these shallow bays make the perfect locations to target Walleye. If you don’t have luck there, turn on the depth finder or look for moderate shallows with fairly good cover for bait fish and cast into the edges.


Panfish: For fall Pan fishing you will be fairly successful targeting the same locations as you would for walleye. Jigs with worms or grubs tend to work great this (or any) time of year.


Muskie: This can be the best time of year to target that perfect trophy, they largely stick to the same places as in the summer, but there is a shift into the somewhat deeper weed beds. Walker Bay, Submarine Island and Agency bay weed beds and edges around 15-20ft tend to give the best chances of getting a hit from a monster. Shift away from surface baits and move towards crankbaits for the best results.

Bass: Bass on Leech Lake will push out only slightly from their summer haunts so it’s best to target the edges of the wild rice beds just move into slightly deeper water. Steamboat, Boy Bay, and sometimes areas around Federal Dam provide the best bass fishing in the fall. This is the perfect time to target them with slow spinner baits, especially on warmer fall days when they are more active.


Northern Pike: If you love pike Leech Lake in the fall is the best place to be. Our pike are extremely active and aggressive this time of year. Focus on the same areas you would fish for Muskie (Walker Bay, Submarine Island and Agency bay), but use Jigs baited with minnows and unlike muskie expect constant hits instead of casts. The edges around Kabekona bay may be worth a check for pike if you are not having luck anywhere else.


Leech Lake is great for fishing year round but Fall offers less traffic and competition for anglers and is when many of the Lakes trophy fish are caught. We hope you join us out on the lake for some amazing fishing this fall. To sweeten the deal many lodges offer discounts ranging between 15% to nearly 50% off depending on the month. Fall really does represent an angler’s paradise on Leech Lake. Start planning your trip today and check out current lodging specials.



The Benefits of a Family Camping Trip

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Warm weather is just around the corner – which means it’s time to start planning how you and your family will enjoy the sunshine! A great way to both enjoy the natural beauty of Leech Lake and bring your family together is a family camping trip. Leech Lake is the perfect place to create wonderful memories of fishing on the lake, making s’mores around the fire, and sleeping under the stars.

Even if you already have plenty of camping under your belt  it may surprise you to learn that camping trips have been proven to benefit individuals and families in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of the reasons why a camping trip might be just what your family needs.

Camping Relieves Stress – Fast!

It’s difficult for anyone – kids included — to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the distractions that bombard us every day. Not only are kids and families busier than ever, but there’s also the dozens (if not hundreds) of texts, emails, and notifications that keep our phones constantly buzzing.

Camping gives us a chance to turn off our phones and enjoy the freedom of being “unplugged,” and it has been proven that hyperactive children feel more relaxed while they are outdoors.

Camping helps parents relax, too. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your family is in a safe space where you don’t have to worry about where they are, who they’re with, or what they’re doing. And, of course, time spent enjoying the peace and quiet of nature helps adults relax as well.


Learning and Exploring Together

As a parent, you might feel like you rely on your kids to teach you about how to use your new-fangled gadgets and gizmos. While today’s teens do have a knack for learning how to use the latest technology, they might be less familiar with outdoor skills such as starting a fire, identifying plants and animals, or simply exploring the woods.

A family camping trip provides all sorts of opportunities for parents to pass on these skills to their kids, or to learn them together if you don’t already consider yourself the “outdoorsy” type. Bring along a guide book to help you identify leaves, bird calls, animal tracks, and bugs; you can even embark on a geocaching treasure hunt together!

It Helps You Sleep

Who couldn’t use a good, restful night’s sleep? When you’re camping, you’re more likely to wake up with the sunrise and start feeling sleepy at sunset, which is the perfect recipe for a full, healthy sleep schedule. Plus, getting some time away from all that artificial light helps your body get back in tune with its natural sleep cycle. Camping benefits your mental health in other ways, too – not only will you sleep longer and better, but you’ll have an easier time falling asleep.

These are just a few of the reasons why a camping trip might be the perfect summer vacation for you and your family! Whether you’re already experienced campers or trying it for the first time, the Leech Lake area has the perfect place for everyone – you can truly “rough it” in your own tent, or rent an RV if you’re not quite ready to brave the elements. Several campgrounds in the Leech Lake area offer RV sites, including Shores of Leech Lake, Acorn Hill Family Resort, and more! For families with younger children, Hiawatha Beach Resort, Huddles Resort, and Steamboat Bay Resort offer scheduled activities for kids throughout the day. Plus, you won’t be far from all sorts of local attractions, including golfing, shopping, and dining.


Check out our family vacations page for more ideas, and browse our lodging options to find the perfect place for your family’s trip!

How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Ultimate Man Cave

Man caves are a great place to step away from everyday life and relax. Whether you are looking to have friends over and entertain or are looking for a relaxing evening by yourself, here are a few ways for you to make the most out of your man cave.

Recliner or Couch

The quickest way to relax is by having a great recliner or couch (or both) to sink in to. By adding a recliner and couch to your man cave, you’re setting yourself – and your guests – up for a relaxing evening of watching movies, sports, or enjoying great conversation. If you want your room to be a space for entertaining – the seating doesn’t have to break your budget. Check out the local thrift store or Goodwill to see if there is any seating you can fix up. Or keep your hammock up full time for an easy spot to jump in to and relax.


No matter the season or sport, you need an awesome TV to sit and watch the game.  We like huge, flat screen, wall-mounted TVs because they give you more storage room and they make you feel like you’re right there in the game. Not in to sports? Try out a projector to watch all of you favorite movies. Projectors take up even less space and can show images as large as your wall.


If you are looking to have some friends over, games are an essential part of your man cave. Here are some of our favorite gaming items to get so you can be prepared for all number of guests.

Games for Two People: Dart boards can be purchased inexpensively and are a great game to play if you are just having one buddy come over, and can be picked up easily at your local Target or Walmart. If you have a little bit more room, a game of pool or Foosball is always enjoyable.

Games for up to 4 People: Let’s throw it back with an N64.  Sure, you can get the latest version of Xbox or PlayStation but you can also bring it back to the 90′s and play some of the best videos games. Golden Eye, Zelda, Super Mario anyone?

 Marshmallow shooter

We’ve featured this marshmallow shooter before – and we still love it.  Even though hunting season has come and gone, you can stay sharp all year round with this awesome marshmallow shooter. Bonus – it doubles as a snack delivery system.

Bar and Snacks

Easy access to food and beverages is must when it comes to your man cave. Who wants to leave the room to go get a refill? If you consider yourself a beer connoisseur – or a homebrewer, get a kegerator to have all of your favorite beers on tap. We love this DIY idea of taking an old computer desk and turning it in to a basement bar.

Not in to beer? You can have carbonated water on tap as well. Try adding in flavors to give your water an extra boost. Having and fridge and a microwave in the man cave makes snacking easy.  Grab chips and dip, pop a bag of popcorn, or snag some cheese to snack on. Having kitchen basics in the man cave simplifies your relaxing day.

Neon Sign

We love this neon sign from to welcome visitors to the man cave. Try it out above the doorway or behind the bar and let visitors know they’ve arrived. If you want something more personalized, check out Neon and More for their customizable neon signs.


If you are having friends over to play some poker and hang out, a good set of speakers are the next thing you need for your man cave. Try out some Bluetooth speakers so everyone can take turns playing DJ. By syncing your smartphone with the Bluetooth, you can play your favorite Pandora station or Spotify playlist without getting up.


If you already have a fridge and bar, the next logical thing to have included in your man cave is a bathroom. Then you will never really have to leave the cave – until you have to get more food. To give the bathroom a more “manly” touch, try using a Craftsman door cabinet for your counter and storage.

Photo via Houzz

Decoration for the Outdoorsmen

Whether it’s fishing, duck hunting, deer hunting, or all of the above – use your man cave to display your gear. Hang a display box with filled with your duck calls, or make your trophy antlers the focal point in your room. Just because you’re sitting inside doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with the outdoor man at heart. If you want to create even more or an outdoor feel, try decorating with a camouflage couch, pillows or a camouflage blanket.

Plan your getaway weekend to Leech Lake this winter, and catch the perfect musky for your wall!

Sugar Point Resort

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Sugar Point Resort is located near Walker Minnesota on the eastern shores of Leech Lake. As one of the premiere fishing lakes, there is a great opportunity for sportsman year round. Muskies, northerns, walleyes, bass and crappies are frequently brought back to the resort after a trip on the lake.  Since Sugar Point is on a large protected harbor we offer full gas and bait services onsite as well as rental boats, motors or slips.


In addition to docks and fishing, Sugar Point offers RV and cabin stays for the perfect family vacation. Nearby Forest History Center, Deep Portage Conservation Reserves, Itasca State Park And Chippewa National Forest offer families an opportunity to explore physically and engage educationally with the area. There are kids activities in the summer, providing an opportunity to foster growth and new relationships and the indoor pool is heated and open year-round for all visitors.


Whether you’re looking for a fishing extravaganza or your next family outing, Sugar Point Resort is a great opportunity to grow in your skills or relationships. Check out our rates here: