Celebrate Mother’s Day at Leech Lake!

May 8th, 2019

We’ve always thought that spring was the perfect time of year to celebrate Mother’s Day. The sight of fresh, green grass, budding flowers and trees, and the sound of songbirds all remind us that “Mother Nature” has woken from her Winter nap, not to mention that many critters & creatures become mothers around early spring. So, it only seems appropriate to celebrate the motherly figures in our own lives by spending some time in the beauty of nature with them! To help give you some ideas for planning the perfect Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Mother’s Day activities — and of course, they’re all great ways to enjoy the outdoors throughout the season!


Spend An Afternoon at Forestedge Winery

Located in Laporte, MN, just outside the Paul Bunyan National Forest , Forestedge Winery offers 16 different wines, all crafted using local berries and fruits — including the rhubarb grown on-site at the winery. You can take a tour of the winery to learn more about the production and bottling process, stroll through the winery gardens, or simply enjoy the fruits of their labors on the serene outdoor patio! Sample their award-winning black currant wine, their rhubarb – raspberry wine, or their white cranberry wine — you really can’t go wrong.

Plus, the winery’s proximity to the Paul Bunyan National Forest make it the perfect starting or ending point before a lovely afternoon hike through the woods. Note that the winery is open for business from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Wednesdays through Saturdays, and 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Sundays, so plan your day accordingly!


Horseback Riding at the Pine River Riding Stable

Pine River Riding Stable offers private, guided horseback rides tailored to whatever kind of ride you’d prefer. So whether you and your group are novice riders looking for a new way to experience the great outdoors, or have some experience under your belt and want to feel the wind in your hair, the guides at Pine River Riding Stable will facilitate a horseback excursion that’s tailored just for you!

If you have a larger group, or are a little hesitant about riding horseback, the riding stable also offers hay rides and covered wagon rides. Both options include snacks and refreshments, including a brief stop at the bonfire to roast some s’mores during your ride! The stables are open year-round, seven days a week, and offer plenty of hourly options and specialty packages, so it’s a great option for any trip or day out!


Play a Round of Golf

For those motherly figures who enjoy some time on the links, the Leech Lake Area has no shortage of fantastic courses. From the Championship 18-hole course along the shore at LongBow Golf Club, to the gorgeous woodland setting of Tianna Country Club, a round of golf in the Leech Lake area promises a perfect blend of fantastic courses with spectacular views. Tianna Country Club features a full menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and LongBow Golf Club has partnered with local lodging venues to offer stay & play packages.


These are just a few of the many great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in the Leech Lake area. We hope our list gave you some ideas for planning your own Mother’s Day festivities, and you can always check out our Attractions page for even more fabulous options!mothers day

Is Your Fishing Gear Ready for Spring? – Part 2!

April 16th, 2019

After a particularly cold and snowy winter, isn’t the onset of bright, warm, sunny days such a relief? Finally, we can put away the long johns, extra-thick scarves, and hand warmers, and start looking ahead to time on the lake.

While we still have a few weeks until the opener, it’s never too early to ensure you have all your equipment and tackle in order. As you dig all your rods and tackle boxes out of storage, you might find that some of your gear is about due for an upgrade. We’ve done a little research to help narrow down your choices to the best in each category! This month, we’ll highlight different types of gear and equipment that are receiving great reviews from around the web.

Fishing Rod: KastKing WideEye Walleye Fishing Rod

While walleyes usually don’t take much effort to reel in once you have them hooked, they also have an extremely soft bite, meaning the real challenge is usually detecting that a walleye is nibbling your bait in the first place. As such, a good walleye fishing rod is crafted from a lightweight enough material for optimal sensitivity while still offering enough power and durability to quickly and effectively set your hook.

With that in mind, we found that the KastKing WideEye Walleye Fishing Rod offered the best combination of functionality and value. With weights as low as 3.4 ounces, but with the strength and durability of their carbon-fiber construction, these rods will respond to even the gentlest nibble from a curious walleye.

Check it out on Amazon!


Fishing Net: Frabill Conservation Series Landing Net

Of course, getting a fish on your line is only one part of the process — you need to get that prized catch actually in the boat! Few things are more frustrating to have a prize-worthy walleye on your line, only to fumble with your fishing net at the last second as your catch wriggles its way free.

Point being, don’t neglect how useful a high-quality fishing net can be! It might make the difference between bringing home a trophy catch or a story about “the one that got away.” One such high-quality net is the Frabill Conservation Series Landing Net. With a super-strong CAM-LOK reinforced handle and a deep, flat bottom base, this net makes snatching walleye a breeze.

As one reviewer on Amazon put it: “This net doesn’t get the treble hooks tangled in very much and overall is a HUGE improvement in landing a fish. You don’t want to have errors when you have a big fish on the line and near the boat and the extension in the handle is fantastic.”

Check it out on Amazon!

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations! What are YOUR must-have pieces of gear for 2019?

Is Your Fishing Gear Ready for Spring?

April 9th, 2019

After a particularly cold and snowy winter, isn’t the onset of bright, warm, sunny days such a relief? Finally, we can put away the long johns, extra-think scarves, and handwarmers, and start looking ahead to time on the lake.

While we still have a few weeks until the opener, it’s never too early to ensure you have all your equipment and tackle in order. As you dig all your rods and tackle boxes out of storage, you might find that some of your gear is about due for an upgrade. We’ve done a little research to help narrow down your choices to the best in each category! Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight different types of gear and equipment that are receiving great reviews from around the web.

Lures: Cotton Cordell “Wally Diver Triple Threat”

Fishing experts agree that the “Triple Threat” 3-pack is a must-have for walleye fishing. The distinct coloring of each lure provides you with a perfect lure for any season, and for the summer months, they can be trolled for when the walleye need a little extra encouragement.

Although we particularly recommend the “Triple Threat” for walleye fishing, the reviews on these lures suggest that they’re a great all-around choice.

Purchase them on Amazon!


 Fish Finder: Garmin Striker 4

We don’t have to remind you that there are some very high-tech fish finders out there, with price tags to match. For the average sportsman, a $1,000+ fish finder might be just a little too much, regardless of how many features and gadgets it includes.

So while it might be true that the absolute best fish finders are those high-end models, we instead looked around for the best balance of price and functionality. And from that perspective, the Garmin Striker 4 took the cake. As you can see in the graphic above, it does a great job of combining navigation assistance with fish-finding, making it easy to ensure you’re staying on course while not missing out on any good spots.

Do note that you’ll need a separate power supply for the Striker 4 — by scrolling down to the “Frequently Bought Together” section on the Amazon page, you can easily find the proper battery for the unit.

Purchase it on Amazon!


Utilities: Duluth Pack All Day Lumbar Pack


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways for you to carry your gear from one place to another — obviously, some are better than others. The reason we like the Duluth Pack All Day Lumbar Pack is that it’s so versatile — with all sorts of zippered compartments, adjustable / removeable straps, and waterproof lining, it’s sure to come in handy on both your fishing trips and your hunting trips. And, of course, all Duluth Pack products feature their lifetime guarantee, so it could very well be the last bag you ever buy!

Purchase it on Duluth Pack!

We hope you liked our recommendations for this week! Check back later this month for more ideas about the best fishing gear & accessories for 2019.

Leech Lake Is the Perfect Place for Ice Fishing

March 14th, 2019

Ice fishing is a great way to experience the beauty of a winter landscape. For those who already love fishing, it combines the peaceful solitude of a cherished activity with the stark white beauty of winter. A fish house on a winter lake can be the perfect getaway.


There is no better place to enjoy what ice fishing has to offer than on Leech Lake in Minnesota. Surrounded by gorgeous wilderness, Leech Lake is a winter wonderland for ice fishers. The lake is lined with resorts all along its shore where you are sure to find the right spot for your winter getaway. Some of the popular resorts include:

  • Lakewood Lodges. A team of ice experts works at this resort to help you with your ice fishing endeavors.


  • Adventure North Resort. A less crowded option for vacationers, Adventure North features world-class walleye fishing right off its shores.


  • Brindley’s Harbor. On a long peninsula at Walker Bay, Brindley’s Harbor has good access to the best fishing spots as well as dog sledding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.


  • Big Rock Resort. Big Rock Resort offers free fish cleaning and packaging for the walleye, muskies, and perch you bring back from your outing.


  • Trapper’s Landing Lodge. Trapper’s Landing is ideal for ice fishing and offers many activities as well. They have over 1,600 feet of Leech Lake shoreline.


  • Bayside Resort. Inside they have a dart board, pool table, and pinball machine. Outside they have Agency Bay, a part of Leech Lake.


One of these resorts or many others makes for a perfect stay whether you want to ice fish, go snowmobiling or just explore the area. Kroubetz Fish House Rentals gives you an opportunity to take a small home away from home out onto the ice to catch some fish. With a deposit of $300, you can confirm the dates you want to have your fish house. Then you take your fish house, find your location and settle down for a relaxing time ice fishing with the comforts of home on hand.


Ice Fishing


Ice fishing is a relaxing time in a beautiful environment, but you don’t want to just drop a lure in the water. You want to catch some fish, too! Here are some tips from the experts to help you make the most of your time ice fishing.


  • Scout until you find the right spot. Use sonar to hunt for schools of fish, and make sure to check to the side of your hole, not just directly underneath.


  • Look for the right kind of bottom. Fish like the sticky bottom areas in early winter but generally are more active in deeper waters later on.


  • Find depression. A depression in a large bay is a great place to catch a fish in winter, and most fishermen overlook these areas.


  • Move your jig. Make your bait wiggle around with small movements of the wrist to imitate live prey.


With these tips, you can start reeling in fish in your Kroubetz rented fish house amidst the splendor of Leech Lake in the winter. If you’re looking to get away for a time, give Leech Lake a try.








Winter Lodging at Leech Lake

February 14th, 2019

Whether you’re visiting Leech Lake for the end of the ice fishing season or simply just a quiet family getaway, there’s a resort for you, and many of them are open through the winter. Here’s a brief rundown of the lodges and resorts ready to make your dream winter vacation a reality:


Adventure North Resort offers winter ice fishing packages complete with a reunion-style lodge for up to 15 guests. You can book your heated ice houses here too, and let someone else clean your catch of the day while you relax in the whirlpool tub.


Anderson’s Horseshoe Bay boasts natural fireplaces in every room, perfect for some cozy unwinding after a chilly day on the lake. With access to snowmobiling, ice fishing, and cross-country skiing as well as a heated indoor pool, hot tub and sauna, the entire family can enjoy the weekend.


Bayside Resort is located right on Leech Lake, with a host of waterfront cabins for your quiet lake getaway. Ice fishing packages are going fast, so be sure to book soon.


Big Rock Resort offers a total of seven year-round cabins. Two of the larger three-bedroom cabins are perfect for larger families or groups and boast outdoor hot tubs, while the other has the lake views you’ve been dreaming of.


Birch Ridge Resort hosts 15 cabins and on-site gas, bait and tackle. For the family, the lodge offers pizza, ice cream, beer, snacks and convenience items as well as a game room.


Bluewater Lodge is one of the area’s premiere event hosts with a bar, restaurant and marina on the property. Choose from cabins or rooms in the main house and make BlueWater your home for the weekend.


Brindley’s Harbor is your choice for guided ice fishing trips complete with ice house rentals, as well as quiet weekends away with the family. Guaranteed quiet outside of the Walker city limits but just a few miles from local restaurant spots.


Chase on the Lake is an award-winning lakefront resort offering lakeview hotel rooms as well as two and three bedroom condos perfect for a snowmobiling weekend. The resort also features a spa, bowling center and indoor heated pool and hot tub.


Hiawatha Beach has plenty to offer in the winter, so don’t let the name fool you. Conveniently located on the Heartland snowmobiling trail, Hiawatha Beach also offers a heated pool and hot tub, arcade, movie room, as well as a banquet hall for all your large gathering needs.

Oak Point Resort is your ultimate Minnesota winter getaway. With plowed access to ice houses and spear fishing, ice skating, broomball, and hockey rinks, or easy access to snowmobiling and local winter hunting trails, there’s no shortage of winter activities.


Shores of Leech Lake Resort- the name says it all. Nestled on beautiful Leech Lake, the resort’s cottages offer fireplaces as well as a lakefront fire pit you can gather around with family or friends. Access to nearby Walker and snowmobiling trails makes this resort a prime winter spot.


Steamboat Bay Resort is open year-round for hunting, ice fishing, snowmobiling and more – you can bring your own or rent a snowmobile nearby. After a long day, be sure to settle in next to the fire in one of the cozy cabins.


Trapper’s Landing Lodge features luxury units on miles of Leech Lake shoreline, including steam showers and whirlpool tubs and bonfires complete with s’mores. If you’re here for the ice fishing, the lodge rents heated sleeper ice lodges guaranteed to make the most of your ice fishing trip.


Many of the above resorts and lodges are currently offering reduced winter rates, so be sure to call and inquire.

Ice fishing tips

January 29th, 2019

Here in Leech Lake we love to ice fish. What better way to relax from your crazy life, then to be on the ice on a sunny winter day reeling in the fish. Here are some fishing tips that can help you get everything you want out of your Leech Lake fishing trip:


Be sure to ask the locals and resort owners where the fish are biting. They are the ones who know the lake best and are always willing to give you the best experience possible.


You will be sure to find the best walleye action a little closer to Walker, MN. While your there you can stop in town and grab a bite to eat and get warm before heading back out to the ice.


Catching pike is not the challenging part. Finding them is! But, once you have found them a tip up, a heavy line with a wire leader, and a plain old hook with a live minnow will work wonders.


Look into a fishing guides. There are plenty here in Leech Lake that would love to get you on the fish!


Book a stay at one our lodges! There are plenty of places to stay here in the winter. Check out which places offer ice house rentals and guide services so you can get out on the ice today!

We hope to see you on the ice this winter! Remember to look into our lodging packages to see where you can stay on your next fishing trip to Leech Lake, Minnesota’s Original “Up North”.

February Events at Leech Lake

January 29th, 2019

February is upon us, and with it comes more winter weather and another month on beautiful Leech Lake. The later winter months are the perfect time to visit the area; the woods are covered with fresh snow, the ice is at its best, and our local lodges and resorts are the perfect cozy escape you’ve been looking for. Make sure you include these events in your February Leech Lake getaway!


Ice Fishing


If quirky festivals and buyers shows aren’t your speed, or even if you’re looking to catch a festival and sneak in a little ice fishing over a long weekend, there are still plenty of quiet corners of the lake. February makes for some solid ice fishing and is a great time to check out the Leech Lake/Walker area’s host of ice house rental options. Forgo the busy schedule and your hectic pace of life and spend some time on serene Leech Lake.





Saturday, February 9th marks the second annual Leech Lake Frostfest. Get out on the lake as the entire town gathers for an afternoon of food, live music, craft brews, and games galore for the younger members of the family. Stop by for the home brew competition and support the Deep Portage Learning Center, this year’s non-profit beneficiary. See you there! 


Valentine Candlelight Ski at Shingobee


Ski by candlelight with your Valentine and join us at Shingobee Hills Recreation Area February 14th. From 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM, skiers will be invited to start at the chalet and ski a half-mile candlelight loop at the base of the sled hill. Warm up afterwards with a fire and hot cocoa at the chalet and share this special evening with your loved ones of all ages. 

North Country Buyer’s Show


Leech Lake is proud to welcome the North Country Resort, Retail and Restaurant Buyer’s Show February 20th and 21st. In its 44th year, the Buyer’s Show features vendors both old and new from nearly every industry imaginable. Featured are clothing, advertising, software, insurance, boats, decor and more; if you have a business, chances are you’ll find something that interests you! Join us at the Northern Lights Event Center for this memorable event.


International Eelpout Festival


For 40 years, the International Eelpout Festival has celebrated one of the world’s ugliest bottom-dwelling fish with a party right on the surface of Leech Lake. Join in February 21st – 24th as we celebrate what’s been proudly named one of the “15 Weird Midwestern Festivals You Never Knew Existed.” Experience live music, eelpout curling (see it to believe it), eelpout rugby, dog sled races, a jalapeño eating contest, a Beer Pong tournament, an ice bar, and more

From snowy afternoon festivals complete with live music and fun on the icy lake, to cozy nights by the fire in one of the many area lodges, from bustling wholesale buyer’s shows to peaceful fishing on a quiet inlet; no matter what your vacation preference, Leech Lake and Walker have it all this February. We say, “come for the festivals, stay for the friendships!”

Start your vacation planning now and take a look at one of our local resorts – there’s something for everyone!

5 Don’t-Miss Events in the Leech Lake Area this January

January 10th, 2019

As the hum of the holidays dies down, life begins to normalize again. New Year’s resolutions are set, and red hearts begin to fill the stores. It is firmly the off-season for vacationers. This makes January and February the perfect time for a vacation in northern Minnesota. It is a time for fewer crowds, great savings, and perfect snow. Take advantage of a bold northern adventure. While you are making plans for your winter getaway, here are events in the Leech Lake/Walker, Minnesota, area that you don’t want to miss.


 Leech Lake Art League


A recurring Thursday event, Leech Lake Art League displays the budding local art scene. It is the perfect time for professional and amateur artists to come together for critiques, networking, and exciting discussions. Visitors and artists are welcome. Bring your painting along for a lesson, or just share an excellent visit with fellow artists.

 Live Music at The 502


The 502 offers lakefront dining with rave reviews. This open-kitchen restaurant, in an Arts and Crafts setting, offers a wonderful place to enjoy a winter view of Leech Lake. Several nights through the month of January, The 502 partners with local Mike Morse to bring a great variety of live music events to the Leech Lake area.

 Wildfire on Ice


The Walker Community Center hosts another annual installation of Wildfire on Ice. It’s a day of family fun, food, fundraising, and the great game of hockey – a Minnesota tradition. The firefighters face off in an almost-no-rules hockey game to raise money and awareness for wildfire prevention. It’s great entertainment for a great cause.

 Ice Fishing for Individuals With Disabilities


Beautiful Camp Bliss, nestled in the woodlands of Walker, Minnesota, is hosting a winter weekend retreat for ice fishing, fun, and relaxation for all individuals dealing with disabilities. The ticket pricing is reasonable, and the views are exquisite. The fishing is fantastic, just as with any Leech Lake adventure. If you or someone in your family or group of friends has a disability, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy accessible fun. Additionally, it’s a great way to learn about ice fishing.


Leech Lake and the greater Walker area have so much to offer. Visiting in the winter provides a peaceful, snowy setting for some of the best events of the year. Check out our resorts to plan the perfect getaway during any of these great events. If you rather, come just to relax and hide away. No matter what, Leech Lake can provide the winter vacation you and your family desire. Make a New Year’s resolution to make time for adventure.

 Winter trail in the forest

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Vacation in Walker!

December 17th, 2018



Walker, Minnesota is calling your name! If you’re craving a white Christmas filled with winter sports, crackling fires, and hot mugs of cocoa, come to Leech Lake and the surrounding area for Christmas vacation. There is more than enough to do in the region – all enjoyed from a cozy private spot in one of the area’s many esteemed resorts.


From ice fishing and snowmobiling to sleigh rides and visits with Santa, there is something for everyone in Walker. You’ll have a holiday to remember whether you’re an area local or visiting from out of town. Come see our winter wonderland for yourself!


Winter Sports and Activities in Walker, MN


Thinking of a holiday getaway in Walker? There’s no better place to be when Jack Frost comes a-knocking. People come from all over to stay in a resort near the beautiful Leech Lake and enjoy the myriad things to do in nature’s winter paradise. Outdoor sports and activities include:


  • Ice fishing in heated ice houses
  • Snowshoeing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Sledding
  • Sleigh riding
  • Horseback riding
  • Winter hiking
  • Skiing


You’ll find over 150 miles of cross-country ski trails through the Chippewa National Forest in the Walker Lakes area, as well as hundreds of miles of pristine snowmobiling trails. This region is truly a winter lover’s dream.


Holiday Events and Family-Friendly Fun


Walker is the perfect winter vacation destination for the whole family. Whether you’re looking to unplug and spend quality time with your loved ones in a private cabin in the woods or you want to mingle to live music at one of the local establishments, Walker has you covered. Here are just some of the many things to do in the area the month of December:


  • Live Entertainment at the 502 with various artists
  • Night Before Christmas at the Walker Bay Theatre
  • Northern Namaste Yoga
  • Chinese nights at Charlie’s
  • Meat raffles to support the Leech Lake Youth Hockey Association at Lucky Moose and Charlie’s
  • Sing We Now of Christmas dinner and a show at Charlie’s
  • Leech Lake Art League meetings
  • Several holiday open houses
  • Annual holiday fundraisers, bingo nights, trivia nights etc.
  • Holiday Customer Appreciation shopping sales


Check out the full calendar of events for more information and options! You’re sure to find something fun for everyone in the Walker Lakes area. Start planning your trip, booking your resort room, and getting the family excited for what’s sure to be your best Christmas vacation yet. Happy Holidays from the Walker, MN community and Leech Lakes Tourism Bureau!

Attend Holiday Events at Leech Lake in December 2018!

December 3rd, 2018


It’s the most wonderful time of the year on Leech Lake! From Christmas-themed plays and live entertainment to ice fishing and snowmobiling, there are a variety of exciting holiday activities and events for the whole family. Staying at a resort on Leech Lake in December is a winter lover’s paradise, with sparkling snow and something to do for everyone. Grab your coat, bring the family, and head to the Walker Lakes, Minnesota area for an unforgettable winter vacation!


What to Do on Leech Lake in Winter


On top of the outdoor activity opportunities the lake has every year, local businesses have also planned several exciting holiday-themed activities in the area. If you stay nearby in December, you’ll have easy access to the following fun things to do:


  • Meat Raffles. Lucky Moose will have meat raffles as a fundraiser for Leech Lake Youth Hockey from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every Thursday in December. Charlie’s will also host meet raffles for the hockey association on December 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th.
  • Leech Lake Art League. Relax and tap into your creative side by joining the ongoing weekly painting group at Leech Lake. It’s open for both members and first-time visitors. If you’d like to work on your own form of art, you’re welcome to do so! The League meets from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every Thursday.
  • Leech Lake Chamber Holiday Open House. Socialize, grab a bite to eat, and celebrate the holidays with the Chamber Holiday Open House on December 18th. It’s free to attend!


This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of things to do on and near Leech Lake in December. You can also enjoy The Night Before Christmas at the Walker Bay Theatre, plenty of other holiday open houses, and shopping sales at Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters (with photos with Santa). View the full calendar of events and start planning your trip!


Where to Stay on Leech Lake


One of the best things about staying on Leech Lake is the different local resorts that will make you feel at home. Choose a small, private setting on Pine Point at Adventure North Resort and enjoy ice fishing in a heated ice house, a cozy cabin with a fireplace, and fish-cleaning services. Enjoy an indoor pool and hot tub near the Heartland Trail for snowmobiling at Hiawatha Beach. Or, spring for a luxury getaway in a resort room at Bradley’s Harbor in the north woods.


There are over a dozen places to stay on Leech Lake when the temperatures drop – all of which offer unique activities and amenities for winter guests. You’re sure to have a memorable time no matter which resort you choose. Enjoy the snow and all it has to offer from a cozy spot in a renowned resort location in Minnesota. What are you waiting for? Book your dreamy winter getaway on Leech Lake today!