Sailing on Leech Lake

Large or small craft, miles and miles of open water, and many bays of Leech Lake make the lake perfect for sailing. Sailboats are available for rent and lessons are provided at the Shores of Leech Lake. The Shores of Leech Lake is a marina and RV park and is also home to the Shores of Leech Lake Yacht Club, a group of people who enjoy sailing on Leech Lake as much as you will. The Shores of Leech Lake Yacht Club also runs the Leech Lake Sailing Regatta, held every August

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Sail boat turning

Boating on Leech Lake

In Minnesota, there is nothing better to do on a warm summer day than to take a cruise in the boat. From a relaxing conversational trip on a pontoon, to making waves in a speedboat, boating on Leech Lake is sure to be a highlight of any vacation. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the lake as people in passing boats wave. If you prefer to be in direct contact with the water, there is plenty of space for waterskiing, tubing, or wakeboarding around the lake. You can enjoy the sparkling waters in any way you choose, while exploring hundreds of miles of undeveloped shoreline.