Leech Lake Fishing Reports – All In One Place

May 25th, 2017

Leech Lake Fishing Reports are in high demand, especially as we move into summer. Instead of having to search through disparate pages and dig through search results we have decided to do the work for you! In this post we will provide links and quick descriptions of all the available fishing reports. This will allow you to find the type of report you are looking for quickly, whether it’s a very short one that quickly lists the most recent hot-spots, or a detailed and descriptive weekly post. If you are looking for a quick rundown of what’s biting and where, visit our fishing report now. Otherwise click the fishing report name and visit the latest report!

Leech lake fishing

Leech Lake Fishing Reports – Community Forum Based

These forums allow locals and visitors alike to share fishing news, ask about the latest conditions, and share their tactics for fishing on Leech Lake. This is the perfect place to get daily updates on a variety of lake conditions, and fishing news.

  • Lake State Fishing – Lake State Fishing has a very active community of veteran Leech Lake fishers and is the perfect place to share your expertise our ask questions of the community before your next fishing trip. From water temps, to the latest tactics and spots, this active community gives you an on the ground analysis of Leech Lake fishing.
  • In Depth Outdoors – Another great resource with an active community, with a core group of dedicated users who provide detailed reports and analysis on current conditions. This is especially helpful for first time Leech Lake visitors, users are very responsive to questions and provide some great detail.
  • Lake-Link – With a core group of local guides, this is a great place to get the latest reports from guides who are out on the water everyday. Feel free to ask questions, and get even more detailed info here.
  • Fishing Minnesota – With a less active community, this forum definitely contains some gems, with detailed (but sometimes sporadic) fishing reports from area guides and experts.

Leech Lake Weekly Fishing Reports

Get consistent reporting every week on the latest conditions and tactics, with these great Leech Lake Fishing Report resources.

  • Leech Lake Tourism Bureau – Our very own weekly fishing report. Meant to be short and sweet, and easy to view on your phone. A paragraph that lists the latest hot-spots, what’s biting, and what tactics are getting the most pulls.
  • Leech Lake Chamber  - These detailed weekly reports offer several paragraphs from a number of local guides, giving you a detailed view of different species and different areas of the lake.
  • Jeff Sundin - These reports are very tactics based, which gives you a good idea on how to best get pulls. But they often given detailed location details, great for the how, but less detail focused on the where.
  • Fish Tidy – This App provides amazing mapping capabilities and tips with local knowledge. You can view the latest catches on Leech Lake on the app or at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Team One Stop Outdoors - Another Great weekly report that rotates between local guides each week, so it offers a wide variety of perspectives and different tactics. Posts range from short and sweet to long and detailed because of this.
  • Angling Buzz – Offering a Weekly video fishing report from Leisure Outdoor Adventures this is the perfect way to get the latest fishing info quickly, in under 2 Minutes.
Being one of the regions top fishing destinations means their are many options and varieties of Leech Lake fishing reports, giving fishers a wide variety of options and perspectives to ensure their next trip is a success. If you are planning a trip to Leech, these are the resources you will want to check in with before you hit the water. It’s a big lake, don’t spend your time searching for the best spots, skip right to pulling them in. If you haven’t planned your Leech Lake fishing trip yet, now is the time. Fishing resorts and lodging are filling up fast, so book early. Use our lodging guide to find Leech Lake fishing lodging nowand see you on the water!

Leech Lake Family Crappie Fishing

May 10th, 2017

As of late we have see a large uptick in the Crappie population on Leech Lake (or maybe they’re just more aggressive) a top crappie fishing destination. This small little panfish is the perfect family fishing target, as all you really need to be successful is a bobber and worm, or simple jigs. Because crappies on Leech Lake are so easy to catch it helps to keep young children engaged and interested in fishing instead of bored with it. Too many have made the mistake of taking young children Bass or Muskie fishing for hours at a time. These species are some of the most fickle biters and it can often take long periods without a bite to land that Leech Lake trophy Muskie, that means while you wait the young fisher you brought with is likely bored out of their mind (if they don’t appear so they are probably just being polite). If this happens next time they will be hesitant to go out fishing again. By fishing crappie you can regularly pull fish, which helps to keep children intent and interested instead of bored, making it more likely you’ll create a fan of fishing. Crappie is the perfect introduction species for fishing, and in this post we will give you some great tips for fishing Leech Lake crappie so you get regular pulls and have a great outing.

Leech Lake Crappie

Leech Lake Crappie Hot-Spots

On Leech Lake the crappie tend to stay in the reedy shallows, some of the top spots include the edges of the rice beds around Federal Dam, especially around, and in Waboose Bay where the thick beds and sheltered waters provide great crappie habitat. Sucker bay is another great crappie location, especially in the late spring and early summer months, two particular locations that tend to be top performers around Sucker Bay are Sugar Point and the eastern edge of Battle Point.  While you’re in the area think about targeting Boy Bay around the river and Blackduck Point. If you are looking to stay a little closer to Walker try fishing crappie in and around the inlets and harbors of Agency Bay. Finally depending on movements we have even seen some fairly decent crappie fishing around the edges of Walker City Park on Walker Bay. Not sure where these locations are? Explore Maps Now.


Leech Lake Topographic map

A detailed Topographic Map from the MNDNR

Catching Crappie On Leech Lake

Crappie being one of the easiest fish to catch on Leech Lake means there are not a whole lot of specialized crappie tactics you need to use. As long as you are in the right location, you’re 90% of the way to making consistent pulls of 7-10 inch crappies. Even the cliche worm and bobber tactic will give you crappie fishing success on Leech. However we recommend white jigs and minnows for the best results, or wax worms and bobber. Again the real key is finding crappies on Leech Lake, once they are located, catching them is easy.

As you can see crappie are easy to find and easy to catch, making them the perfect target for your family fishing outing. Because so few target them on Leech Lake, the population is quite large in size and quantity. DNR samples have found the average crappie size on Leech Lake is a very large 10 inches. So most of your catches will end up being keepers which means an even more rewarding family fishing experience, as you get to enjoy a meal of what you caught together.  If you haven’t already, start planning your Leech Lake family fishing trip today with our lodging directory.

See you on the water!




Leech Lake Campgrounds

April 27th, 2017

Leech Lake campgrounds are prepping their rv and camp sites and getting ready. With warm weather and summer days well over due, it’s the perfect time of year to plan your summer camping trip to Leech Lake. There are a variety of great Leech Lake campgrounds to choose from all of them offer easy lake access so you can spend your day on the beach or the water, under the warm summer sun. Leech Lake campgrounds are also a great option for pet owners. In this post we will share some great leech lake campgrounds, so you can spend your vacation closer to nature and the lake. Want to see all the great lodging options Leech Lake has to offer, look no further!

leech lake campgrounds

Top Leech Lake Campgrounds

Below you will find an alphabetical list of the top Leech Lake campground options. Prep your tent, RV, or camper and reserve a site today, with these options you are certain to have an amazing Leech Lake camping experience.

  • Acorn Hill – This campground has 24 RV and campsites available, with easy lake access. Each full hook-up RV site also includes a picnic table, fire-pit, and deck. This campground also offers a grocery delivery service so you can focus on enjoying your vacation and RV guests have access to a new private shower facility, and indoor pool. Rates are based on 2 people with a$10 charge per additional person. RV sites are $45 a day and Tent sites are $30 per day.
  • Agency Bay – Great lakeside RV sites on the beach. This campground lets you pull right up to the beach to enjoy the splendor of Leech Lake. Rates are based on 2 people, their is an additional charge of $2 per additional person. Daily campsite rates are $45 per day.
  • Bayside Leech Lake – This classic Leech Lake resort offers several lakeside RV campsites. Offering great views of the water and easy access. Site rates are based on 2 people. Daily rates are $40 until June 10th and then only weekly sites are available at $200 per week.
  • Hiawatha Beach – This beach side resort campground offers a pool coin operated laundry, on-site restaurant-bar and more. With both tent and full hookup sites. Rates are based on 2 adults and are $51 per day + $6 for additional individuals.
  • Huddles Resort – Offering large Leech Lake RV sites, a protected harbor,  easy lake access, and on site guides. Be sure to bring your boat as this resort campground is well known for it’s fishing. Huddles RV sites are $50 a day or $250 for a week. Book yours today.
  • Moonlight Bay Resort & Campground – Moonlight Bay is situated just north of downtown Walker in a well protected point on Leech Lake. This Leech Lake campground includes both full hook-up sites ($42 a day for 2 people + $5 per additional person) with water, electric, cable, cable and sewer, as well as “Primitive” sites ($35 a day for 2 people + $5 per additional person) with no hook-ups. All sites include a fire-pit so you can enjoy the night under the stars.
  • Oak Point Resort – With 5 wooded RV sites this Leech Lake campground offers privacy and seclusion, combined with the comforts of a full hook-up site. Located just off of Walker bay for great fishing. Rates are based on 4 people and are $35 per day or $225 per week.
  • Shores Of Leech Lake – This great Leech Lake campground option is the home of the Leech Lake regatta and offers tent, RV and Camper sites as well as boat slips in the large Marina. With full hookups for RV’s and Campers including lodge access to Cable and Wifi. Sites are available nightly, weekly, or seasonally. Nightly rates for RV/camper sites are $54 and Tent sites are $39, with a $17 fee for marina slip rentals for your boat.
  • Steamboat Bay – A fishing resort with a variety of RV sites that include full hook-ups. This resort also offers covered boat slips, a large beach and easy water access. Rates vary by site.
  • Sugar Point – Located on the eastern side of Leech Lake near Federal Dam this resort campground offers easy lake access, full showers, and on-site laundry. The resort drive is fully paved making for easy RV or camper access to each of the sites. This campground also offers access to a fully protected harbor for your boat, and pool. Rates are based on 2 people (+$8 per additional person). Full hook-up sites are $45 per day, Tent sites are $38 per day.
  • The Shores At Pine Point – With a variety of full hook-up RV sites this fishing campground offers easy water access and a protected harbor area, as well as fish cleaning facilities and more. Rates are based on 2 people with an additional charge of $10 per person over 2. Daily rates are $50.
leech lake camping

If you don’t feel like camping be sure to check out all our lodging options, Leech Lake is the perfect fishing and family vacation destination whether you stay at a campsite, a hotel, or one of the many great cabins.

See you on the water!

Leech Lake Fishing Videos

April 13th, 2017

Leech Lake is one of Minnesota’s top fishing destinations and we have been recognized as one of the top 10 fishing lakes in North America, one of the top 10 fishing lakes in Minnesota, the 2nd best lake in Minnesota for Walleye fishing, one of the top 16 Lakes for bass fishing, one of the best Muskie lakes in the state, and one of the top perch lakes in Minnesota among many other top fishing destination recognition’s.  In Leech Lake we know fishing and we know how to ensure you have a successful fishing trip. Area resorts and lodgings know the lake, know the fish, and know the spots. If you need lodging for your next fishing trip, explore Leech Lake resorts here.  This post aggregates some of the best fishing videos about Leech Lake and the amazing results anglers see. With tips, advice and amazing catches these Leech Lake fishing videos are not to be missed.


Leech Lake Walleye Fishing Video

Looking for that perfect walleye fishing experience? Fishing the Midwest features Leech Lake as one of their top walleye destinations in this video, so expert angler Bob Jensen and local experts show off the lakes great Walleye stocks. Leech Lake maintains it’s amazing Walleye stocks and population with unique stock limits: a 4 fish limit, a 20″ to 26″ protected slot, and one walleye over 26″ allowed.


Leech Lake Walleye Tournament Video

Leech Lake is also well known for it’s large fishing tournaments which are a huge draw. A great benefit of being one of Minnesota’s largest lakes is that anglers are not stacked up on each other during tournaments. This fishing video from the 2016 Walleye tournament offers some great aerial views and gives an idea of the size and popularity of Leech Lake fishing tournaments.


Bass Fishing Videos On Leech Lake

The fishing is so good on Leech Lake that when you are fishing for one species (Bass in this case), you can end up catching another. For instance a mid size Muskie, caught at the end of the day after some great bass catches. With such a variety of fish species, if you are not having luck with one you can always change location and tactics, or just fish for another species!


Perch & Panfish Leech Lake Fishing Video

The perfect fish for a family fishing experience, Leech Lake perch and panfish are abundant and make easy and fun catches for young children who often have a hard time waiting to catch that trophy fish, or want to stick with worm and bobber. Panfish are easy to catch and can provide great enjoyment for those family fishing outings. They are also the perfect way to teach young children the joys of fishing.


Leech Lake Muskie Fishing

Muskie fishing on Leech Lake can be challenging as the fish have become accustomed to being targeted, not because of low population. Meaning longer lives and bigger fish. Successful location combined with tailored tactics can result in some great catches with many massive Muskie catches coming out of Leech.

Bonus Classic Footage Of Leech Lake Fishing

Some great classic Leech Lake fishing footage and a story of 40 years of great fishing.


As you can see there is a reason Leech Lake is a top Midwest fishing destination, with such a large surface area and wide variation in lake makeup from bay to bay the lake has the amazing ability to provide strong habitats a wide variety of species. If these Leech Lake fishing videos have convinced you that you need to fish Leech, be sure to check our latest fishing report, see species specific fishing tips for the lake, and find the perfect fishing resort for your needs. And if you have your own great Leech Lake fishing videos be sure to share them with us on Facebook or in the comments!

See you on the water!


Walker MN

March 24th, 2017

In Walker, MN and the surrounding Leech Lake area the ice is still fairly thick and the fish are still biting, but we can tell spring will be in Walker, MN soon. Many of the resorts, hotels and other lodging options around the area are already booked for the spring months and at most resorts June is almost completely booked solid. We like to procrastinate as much as the next person, but if you want to stay in the Leech Lake area this spring or summer you don’t have much time to reserve your room or cabin in Walker, MN. Our lodging search tool and functionality offer the perfect way to find the perfect lodging for yourself, your friends and your family. Never heard of Walker? Check us out in Minnesota Monthly. Otherwise if you are ready to find lodging use the tools below.


Walker MN Advanced Lodging Search Tool

Our advanced lodging search tool is used regularly be people throughout the region to find the perfect lodging options for their needs. Need a resort that’s pet friendly, offers boat rentals, and has laundry facilities? Our advanced resort and lodging search tool can help you find just the right place, no matter what your criteria. Looking for a campground near Walker, MN with RV hookups and electricity, no problem. Don’t wait to try to book a cabin for the summer in June because there won’t be any openings until October by then! Use the advanced search tool now, and reserve the perfect lodging.

Walker MN advanced resort search

The Best Source For Lodging Deals In Walker, MN.

Find the latest deals and savings on lodging using our specials page. Offering savings you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to stay on Leech Lake for less don’t miss out on this great tool. Resorts and lodges regularly upload their top specials and deals here, check back often and you will find amazing savings. Whether it’s a discount on all cabins or a free night if you stay an more than a week, you will often find savings here from 15-60% off! So bookmark our Walker, MN Specials Page and start saving today!

Walker MN Lake

Last Minute Openings In Walker, MN

While it doesn’t often happen (because no one willingly loses out on a vacation to the area!) if you procrastinate and find all lodging options are booked full, their is a chance you could get lucky and still get a cabin if you check our last minute openings page. If someone happens to cancel their stay you can find out almost immediately  on our Last Minute Openings page. Check often, last minute openings don’t stay open for long!

Walker MN cabin

Walker Lodging Map

Is location the most important criteria for choosing a lodging option. Do you absolutely need to stay on Walker Bay or do you love to fish and swim in Traders Bay? Well our lodging map offers a quick and easy way to find the optimal location for your upcoming stay!

Walker MN Map

Spring and then summer will arrive in Walker, MN much faster than you think. Much of the snow is gone, the ice will soon follow and green grass, warm water, and summer fun will be upon us. Don’t miss out on a stay in the beautiful Minnesota north-woods, use our great lodging tools and find yourself the perfect accommodations. June is almost fully booked at many establishments, and July and August are quickly filling up. Don’t wait, find the perfect lodging, and book today!


Looking for more things to do in Walker before you plan your next trip? We hope you found the perfect place and that we see you on the water this summer!



Minnesota Cabin Rentals

March 10th, 2017

Minnesota is well known for it’s amazing fishing, beautiful lakes (all 10,000 of them), and quiet serenity. We think the best way to experience all of that is with a Minnesota cabin rental. A cabin rental provides all the comforts of home combined with the serenity and beauty of the outdoors.  Minnesota cabin rentals offer an affordable and family friendly way to enjoy spring, summer, fall, or winter without the struggle that camping often entails. Cabins have been a staple of the family vacation in Minnesota for over a century and it’s easy to see why, in this post we will explore the history and relationship between Minnesota families and cabins.

Already, ready to find your perfect cabin? Explore resorts and cabins now.


The First Minnesota Cabin Rental

mn lodge

Minnesota’s First Lodge. Photo by Thompson Photography

Minnesota’s first ever resort and rental was built in 1865 and was know as the Lakeside Hotel, but it wasn’t until the late 1880′s and early 1900′s that the traditional Minnesota cabin rental came to the fore, with fishermen and families moving out from the cities during the summers to enjoy the beauty and splendor of a summer in the north-woods outside of the hustle of city life. For the next several decades Minnesota resorts and their lakeside cabins continued  to enjoy steady growth in popularity as the cities of the Midwest and plains region continued to prosper and expand so did the desire of people from these places to escape and enjoy the relaxation afforded by a secluded cabin on the lake.

While the popularity of Minnesota cabin rentals and resorts saw steady growth from the 1880′s through the early 1900′s it wasn’t until the roaring 20′s that cabins and resorts became a truly universal family vacation. This period saw an unmatched explosion in Minnesota resorts growing over 500% in under 10 years to 1300 in total. This coincided with the mass adoption of the automobile and a growing middle class, these two factors provided families with the ability and wherewithal to pack up the family and drive north to one of Minnesota’s many lakeside cabins. This period marked the beginning of the Minnesota lakeside retreat so many families across the state and country have chosen to make a part of their vacation. It also marked the growth of the Leech Lake Area into a north woods retreat, a distinction it still holds today.


The Modern Minnesota Cabin Rental is Born

After a period of struggle and stabilization during and after the great depression, the post war period starting in the mid 1940′s saw a resurgence and reestablishment of the classic Minnesota cabin rental in Leech Lake and the rest of the state. What had previously been small log cabins with only the bare essentials provided became full service cabins with full plumbing, electricity and all the other comforts associated with home at the time. This time also marked the period where the main lodge would become cemented in so many memories as a staple of any stay at a Minnesota resort cabin. Cabins would continue to modernize throughout this period, with the modern resort, cabin and lodge combination reaching their zenith from the mid 1950′s through the late 1960′s. This period in the history of the Minnesota cabin left an indelible mark on so many children of the period who still fondly remember summers spent in the cabins and on the lake. In the Leech Lake area many of the resorts can trace their origins to this period and most still exist today. Looking for more historic information on Minnesota Cabin Rentals, take a peak a Ren Hollands Minnesota resorts blog.


Minnesota Cabin Rentals Today

Minnesota Cabin Rentals

A Leech Lake Resort

At present Minnesota cabins and resorts are seeing a resurgence in popularity as families seek a temporary escape from the city and technology. Nearly all of today’s Minnesota cabin rentals come with WiFi, cable, and all the other modern conveniences of home, but the beauty, relaxation, and water sports that come along with a lakeside cabin nearly always take precedent. Phones, laptops and tablets become an afterthought to sunny days on the water and warm nights around the campfire. Today’s cabins and resorts help families come together and provide those same lasting memories visitors from decades past still think fondly of. Whether it’s learning to water ski or wakeboard, making new friends, catching that first fish or just taking a break, a Minnesota cabin rental is the perfect place to spend your next family’s next vacation.


Looking for a Minnesota Cabin for your next vacation, but not sure about where you want to stay in the state? Think about the Leech Lake area. With Minnesota’s third largest lake, some of the states best fishing, award winning resorts and cabins, and a long history of providing families with amazing memories and  one of a kind experiences, it is not to be missed. Explore Leech Lake Resorts and Cabin Rentals Now.

Do you have fond memories or photos of the Leech Lake area and the many resorts and cabins. Share them with us on Facebook.

See you on the water!





Resorts On Leech Lake – Plan For Spring

February 28th, 2017

The warm weather we have experienced of late act to remind us the resorts on Leech Lake will soon have open water and sandy beaches as the ice recedes and the sun comes out more frequently. As the spring continues to move into the Leech Lake Area, it’s time to prepare yourself for the great deals on resorts on Leech Lake. With savings over 50% off summer rates in many cases booking early will get you great deals, and with a warm spring expected you can get the same summer experience on Leech Lake for half the price! In this post we will give you a quick rundown of all the great resorts on Leech Lake and their amazing spring deals, which are getting snapped up quick.

Leech Lake Resorts Spring Savings

Moving East to West across Leech Lake we will give you a quick preview of each resort and their spring savings, you will need beat the rush and book early to get these great savings for resorts on Leech Lake!

resorts on leech lake

  • Sugar Point Resort – The eastern most resort on Leech Lake located within the gorgeous Chippewa National Forest, with cabins campsites, and RV slots. Offering up to 28% off daily rates if you stay for a week!
  • Huddles Resort - Going strong since 1928 Huddles is one of the longest continuously run family resorts in Minnesota. Offering 15% off all cabins from May 9th to June 18th and an additional 13% if you stay for a week. 
  • Trappers Landing Lodge - On of Leech Lakes more recent additions with a combination of classic “merit cabins” and Luxurious new lake homes. Spring savings 23% off or more this spring and if you book this winter a free day if you stay for a week.
  • Anderson’s Northland LodgePart of the Anderson’s family of resorts on Leech Lake, offering large log cabins and great fishing packages. Get nearly 35% some cabins between May 12-June 18th and an additional 4% off year round if you pay by cash or check!
  • Anderson’s Spirit of the North Resort – Offering large log cabin style lodges, an indoor pool and more. Get over 50% off some cabins if you stay before June 4th and an additional 3.5% off if you pay by cash or check.
  • Big Rock ResortModern knotty pine cabins on the water at a well known fishing resort with guide services. Over 23% off Summer rates! 
  • Red Wing LodgeOffering a protected harbor, lakeside cabins and a long sand beach for the family. Get up to 30% off this spring. With the month of July booked solid you better move quick.
  • Anderson’s Horseshoe Bay ResortKnown for its large lake homes, lakeside condos and suites. This spring you can save up to 40%. Don’t miss out on a great deal like this!
  • Bayside Resort – Offering charming cabins directly on the water, with classic pine interiors and great views and several RV sites. This spring you can save 15% from May 12th-June 10th.
  • Moores Lodge – Brightly colored cabins and 300 feet of sandy beech on Leech Lake with very well kept classic interiors. Until June 13th take advantage of nearly 30% off some cabins.
  • Adventure North ResortA unique lakeside pool, great fishing options and much more make this a great choice for resorts on Leech Lake. From May 12th-June 3rd 23% off.
  • Anderson’s Grand Vu LodgeModern but rustically decorated north woods cabins with a protected harbor and wide beach. Receive up to 20% off summer rates May 13th – June 17th
  • Acorn Hill ResortKnotty pine cabins directly on the lake shore with personal docks out the front door. From May 1st-June 18th you can get up to 20% off! 
  • Shores At Pine Point - Recently remodeled lakeside cabins and a classic lodge with marina. You can get 30% off the daily rate if you book for a week.
resorts on leech lake
  • Brindley’s Harbor - Lakeside cottages including new varieties, with each having their own deck and great view. 25% from May 1st-27th with an additional 27% off daily rates if you book for one week
  • Agency bay LodgeOffering rustic and new lakeside lodging options and free use of kayaks and other lodge items. Get 10% off weekly summer rates this spring, May 13th to June 10th.
  • Bluewater Lodge - Newly built luxury lodges and lake homes just outside of Walker and right on the water.  Some packages include free golf or other great perks when you stay
  • Country Inn WalkerLocated Just Outside the heart of downtown walker and on the water with great access to the water. 16% off summer rates this spring.
  • Oak Point ResortNewly remolded lakeside cabins with pine interiors and a north woods feel. Save 12% off summer rates and get an additional 26% off if you book for a week or more! 
  • City Dock Cottages – Right in downtown Walker these cottages are great for fishermen looking for quick access to Walker Bay. Call for specials. 
  • Walker HotelLocated on Walker Bay in downtown Walker you will have easy access to restaurants and shops. Receive 10% off summer rates this spring.
  • Leech Lake B&B - A romantic Bed and breakfast getaway with well appointed suites and great views.  Over 33% off summer rates from April 6th – May 25th
  • Anderson’s CoveLocated on a sandy cove just north of walker bay, with forested lakeside cabins and a campground. Nearly 35% off summer rates on some cabins May 14th-June 18th.
  • Shores of Leech LakeLocated directly on the shores of Walker bay and the home of the Leech Lake Regatta. 30% or more off summer rates from May 12th – June 15th. 
  • Hiawatha Beach Resort –  A massive beach side lodge and indoor pool, lakeside cabins and a houseboat rental. Save 30% if you stay for a whole week!
  • Steamboat BayBook before March 15th and receive a 10% discount on weekly stays, get 10% off summer rates from May 12th-June 16th & 28% off daily rates if you stay for a week or more! 
  • Moonlight Bay - A lodge, campground, and great cabins located in a great fishing area on Leech Lake. Receive 15% off daily rates if you stay for a week and 25% off if you stay for a month! 
  • Woodland Resort - Classic Log Fishing cabins with dark knotty pine interiors on a secluded bay. Get 20% off weekly summer rates from May 12th- June 3rd.
  • Bailey’s ResortA well know fishing resort on leech Lake with rustic and log cabins, a secluded harbor and much more. Save 35% on daily summer rates and receive another 28% off  daily rates if you stay for a week.

resorts on leech lake

With spring fast approaching, Resorts on Leech Lake are quickly getting booked and time is running out to get that perfect cabin, be sure to take advantage of the savings and availability while they last and book you cabin for spring today! Resorts on Leech Lake are perfect for families, fishermen, and retreats. Don’t miss out on all the Leech Lake area has to offer by waiting to book your resort stay. Don’t miss out book a stay today or search for the perfect resort on Leech Lake with our search tool.

We Hope to see you on the water this spring!

Leech Lake Maps – Depth, Vegetation & Topography

February 10th, 2017

Looking for the perfect Leech Lake map to choose the best spot for the Eelpout Festival or your next summer fishing excursion on Leech Lake? Look no further! Below you will find a complete list of all the different Leech Lake maps on the web, all easy to print. Whether you need detailed Leech Lake depth maps or a simple overview we have you covered. Each map image links to the original source when clicked, for full functionality.  Plan your next fishing trip today, Find Leech Lake Lodging now.


Leech Lake Depth Maps

Depth maps also include contours, these contours in combination with depth estimates ensure anglers and resource managers get an accurate view of the lakes layout underneath the surface. Anglers can utilize these maps to identify prime locations for particular species of fish. Like the deep humps in Walker Bay which are generally a great location for Walleye, or the shallow areas around Goose Island which are often great for perch, among many other insights anglers can gain from depth maps. This is especially true on a lake as large and varied as Leech Lake. Click on Each Map image to go to their original source.


Leech Lake Depth Map App

A Lake Depth App for your smartphone From Gpsnauticalcharts.com

leech Lake Depth Map
From Leechlake.org
Leech Lake Topographic Map

A great topographic nap overlaid on mobile friendly google maps from Topozone.com


Leech Lake Depth map

Make your own highly detailed lake map with printouts from the MNDR.

Leech Lake Vegetation Maps

Depth maps can tell anglers a great deal about a lake and it’s ideal fishing locations, but combining what you have gleaned from a depth map and combining that with a Leech Lake vegetation map will bring your fishing game to the next level the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has put together a detailed report on the vegetation makeup of Leech Lake that includes a dozen or more vegetation maps anglers can use to find the optimal locations. Since Bass and Muskie among other species often like to stay along the edges of weed beds for much of the year, a vegetation map can help you to pinpoint those locations where you are most likely to hook that trophy fish.

Leech Lake vegetation map

One of many Leech Lake Vegetation maps included in a report from the MNDNR


Leech Lake Map – Names & Places

Leech Lake has innumerable points, islands, inlets, and bays some mentioned more often than others in our fishing reports. Often however if you are not a local or unfamiliar with the lake these locations can be hard to find as most maps do not list them all. The topographic map below solves that problem, with every single location labeled and identified even the rarely mentioned ones like Hardwood or Five Mile point among many others. No longer will you here about a great fishing spot on Leech Lake near such and such point, unable to find the named place on any readily available maps.

Leech Lake Topographic map

A detailed Topographic Map from the MNDNR


With these Leech lake Depth and Vegetation maps you should be ready to plan the ultimate fishing excursion with success. Combine these maps with our fishing reports for up to date fish locations and tactics, and begin planning your next fishing trip today. If you have found the perfect fishing spot, it’s time to find the perfect lodging as well, use our lodging search tool to identify the perfect place to stay. See you on the water (or ice)!


Minnesota Fishing Resorts – Leech Lake

January 19th, 2017

Minnesota has so many lakes and so many fishing resorts it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect combination. Some base their choice on the type of fish they most enjoy catching, or the lakes limits on particular species of fish. Some base their choice on the type of lodging they are looking for; whether that be a rustic cabin or a luxurious lake home, and some choose the perfect Minnesota fishing resort based on the fishing potential of the lake on which it is located. Of these three categories Leech Lake tics all the boxes for those seeking out the perfect Minnesota fishing resorts. With nearly a dozen different species of fish with healthy populations, well over 20 different lakeside fishing resort options, and the third largest lake in Minnesota, you would be hard pressed to find another location that offers all these features in such abundance. Need more detail on why all the best Minnesota fishing resorts are on Leech Lake?



Fishing Resort Options

With nearly 30 fishing resort options you can afford to be choosy when you take your next fishing trip. Many offer boat and fishing gear rentals in the spring, summer and fall seasons. Then when winter arrives they offer all you could need to make your ice fishing trip a success, including large ice houses! Several resorts have full lodges with restaurants and more, so after a long day on the water and ice fishing you don’t need to drive to town or cook a meal, you can get everything you need in one location, which means more time to fish and explore Leech Lakes nearly 103,000 acres and 195 miles of varied and beautiful shoreline. Need more reasons to choose a Leech Lake resort during your search for the best Minnesota fishing resorts. How about free fish cleaning and packaging as part of your stay! Many resorts in the area offer this amazing service few appreciate until they have to clean a half dozen fish for the family! We have an amazing amenity/features search tool that can help you easily choose the perfect fishing resort for your needs, check it out now and get matched with the perfect resort.


Fish Slot Limits on Leech Lake

  • Walleye – Leech Lake has a unique slot limit for Walleye compared to most other lakes in Minnesota. It allows a slot limit of four Walleye and all Walleye between 20-­26” must be immediately released and one over 26” allowed in possession.
  • Northern Pike – These large predators have a growing population on Leech Lake. You can take three but may only keep one over 30″.
  • Muskie – Leech Lake has provided some of Minnesota’s largest Muskie’s, with the size of the lake allowing them to grow to truly amazing weights. Their is a limit of one and it must be over 54″.
  • Bass – These challenging catches can be quite aggressive on Leech Especially during the sunrise hours. The slot limit is 6 total (small &  large-mouth) from May 28th to September 11th. During the winter their a 6 catch limit for Large-mouth and catch and release only for small-mouth.
  • Crappie – Most often found around Moonlight bay and the surrounding area their is a limit of 10.
  • Sunfish- Slot limit of 20. Leech Lake holds the state record for largest Sunfish at over 1 lb.
  • Perch – Leech Lake is especially well known for it’s abundant perch population  with a 20 a day slot limit.
  • Eelpout – No Limit!
  • Trout – Sometimes found around the inlets and outlets, there is a 5 catch limit and a season from May to October.
  • Whitefish – Another slot limit unique to Leech Lake, their is a limit of 25. Leech Lake holds the record for largest Whitefish at 12 lbs.
minnesota fishing resorts
There are many Minnesota fishing resorts to choose from throughout the state, but one would be hard pressed to find such a concentration of fishing resorts anywhere else. The quantity of choices and fish species available to anglers on Leech Lake makes every trip a s success. If your not having luck with Bass you can just switch to targeting Walleye or one of the many other species and because Leech Lake is so large their is always another spot to try. As one of Minnesota’s top 21 fishing lakes a fishing trip here is not to be missed. Your search for Minnesota fishing resorts is over, you have found the Leech Lake Area!


Walker MN – Things To Do In The Winter

January 5th, 2017

Looking for things to do in Walker, MN during the winter months? From ice fishing, to shopping, to snowmobiling, skiing and more, Walker offers the perfect winter escape. After weeks at a time indoors a short trip and some time in a new place can help renew and refresh you after months traveling from home to work and back, trying to avoid winter. In this post we will explore all Walker has to offer, so you can get out and have a good time this winter.


Skiing and Snowshoeing In Walker MN

shingobee ski map

Looking to get outside and away from the city, to enjoy a little bit of nature this winter. Walker offers several great options for skiing and snowshoeing that allow you to traverse or glide through unspoiled national forest and recreation areas.

  • Shingobee Recreation Area – With 12 km of groomed trails for both classic and skate skiing with flat and lightly sloped areas for beginners, as well as some steeper terrain and sharp corners for experts, skiers of all ages will enjoy a day a Shingobee. It also offers access to the North Country Scenic Trail as well, so if 12 km isn’t enough you can transition over to the North Country Scenic Trail System. Shingobee also offers an amazing sledding park with a chalet for families looking to enjoy the winter weather, and many opportunities to explore the forest on Snowshoes.
  • The North Country Trial – This trail offers the perfect opportunity to snowshoe the forest and explore nature with no bugs and no mud! It is also widely used by XC skiers who in enjoy un-groomed back-country skiing through the dense forests of the area.

Snowmobiling in Walker MN

walker mn snowmobiling

  • Leech Lake is so large (Minnesota’s third largest in fact) it offers a snowmobiling opportunity in itself with miles of perfectly flat terrain and often thick snow-cover, with easy access from Walker.
  • Heartland State Trail – This extremely well maintained trail system offers access to Hundreds of miles of other state trails and leads from Walker to Park Rapids. It offers sharp and rolling terrain which makes it a wonderful ride on snowmobiles.
  • Paul Bunyan State Trail - With 115 miles of groomed trail, a wide variety of terrain and very few road crossings, this trail offers snowmobile enthusiasts the ability to travel from Walker to Bemidji and beyond.

Winter Shopping In Walker MN

Enjoy a day in Walkers close nit downtown exploring the wide variety of shopping options, from local clothing, to northwoods decorations, outdoor gear and more.

  • Christmas Point Wild Rice Co. – Offering a eclectic collection of northwoods furnishings, Leech Lake and Walker, MN branded clothing, and an astonishing selection of MN grown wild rice and other local products you are sure to find something unique here.
  • Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters – Love the outdoors, Reeds has a huge variety of outdoor supplies from ice fishing equipment, hunting gear, and winter sports supplies.
  • 513 Mainstream – Offering specialty men and women’s clothing this local boutique offers unique and fashionable clothing.
  • Lundgrigans Clothing - In operation since 1937 they offer a wide array of fashionable and outdoor oriented clothing options.

Ice Fishing In Walker MN

Everyone’s favorite winter activity in Walker is ice fishing on Leech Lake, recently named one of North Americas Top 10 ice fishing destinations. With great options for winter lodging that include ice fishing guides and ice houses as part of your stay, ice fishing was never more fun or comfortable. Stay in a heated and furnished ice house while you fish one of the US’s top ice fishing lakes. With easy lake access to Walker and it’s many shops and restaurants.

Restaurants In Walker MN

Walker has many great restaurants to enjoy after spending a long day on the ice or trials. From amazing BBQ to Steak, and more here are Walkers top three restaurants (Based on TripAdvisor  ratings).

  • The Boulders – Known for their great steaks and seafood options, they are know for their entrees and have a large and diverse menu.
  • The Piggy BBQ – Written about in the New York Times, they offer some of the best BBQ in the state.
  • Jimmy’s Family Restaurant – Known for their delicious breakfast’s and large portions start your morning off here.
Winter may bring the cold, and limit your outdoor activity options but their are so many things to do in Walker MN you are sure to have a great time. So get your ski’s, snowshoes, sleds or ice fishing gear and get to Walker. It’s time to ditch that Winter melancholy and enjoy an amazing winter on the ice or trails in Walker MN.