Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

December 4th, 2017

Leech Lake is a prime destination for your next sled ride. With miles and miles of snowmobiling trails, there is no doubt that you and your group will have the time of your lives.

Snowmobiling trails near Leech Lake Minnesota

Leech Lake offers multiple snowmobile trails where you can explore some of the most beautiful areas in Minnesota. From the Chippewa National Forest to the Paul Bunyan State Trail you’ll find that there are so many trail and so little time.


Here are a few of our favorite trails:


  • Heartland State Trail: This 49-mile trail was one of the first rail-to-trail projects in the country. This state trail also connects with the Paul Bunyan State Trail.

  • Paul Bunyan State Trail: This trail is 115 miles long, with the exception of a couple short on-road connections through the cities of Baxter and Bemidji. The Paul Bunyan trail extends from Crow Wing State Park to Lake Bemidji State Park. It is the longest state trail in Minnesota and the longest paved rail-trail in the country.

  • Eastern Region Chippewa Forest: With more than 315 miles of trails in the Chippewa National Forest you’ll see scenic lakes, woodland areas, and frozen wetlands.

Don’t forget to book your lodging on your snowmobiling adventure. Our resorts and inns are some of the best in the State and you can always find a great deal.

5 Fish You Can Catch On Leech Lake

November 30th, 2017


Leech Lake is the third largest body of water in the land of 10,000 lakes. Minnesota is known for its awesome fishing and Leech Lake is no exception. Here is a list of five fish you can expect to see on your next fishing trip.


  1. Muskie: These fish are often at the top of the food chain in their home lake. They have razor sharp teeth and an anatomy built for speed.

Muskie from Leech Lake Minnesota

  1. Walleye: After several years of extensive stocking and management practices, Leech Lake is presently at peak levels with strong populations of Walleye. The walleye is named for its pearlescent eye, which is caused by a reflective layer of pigment called the tapetum lucidum, that helps them see and feed at night or in murky water.


  1. Bluegill/Sunfish: These panfish are just waiting to be caught in Leech Lake. Bluegill fishing is very popular because the fish bite year-round and fishing for bluegill with young children can be an excellent way of getting kids hooked on the sport.


  1. Bass: Largemouth Bass fishing is a supreme sport in Minnesota. You can find bass in shallow water with heavy cover. Adult largemouth bass prefer to feed on small fish like perch, sunfish, and minnows. However, they are also known to eat crayfish, insects, frogs, and even small aquatic birds.

Largemouth Bass in Leech Lake Minnesota

  1. Northern Pike: The best part of fishing for Northern Pike is the big fight while reeling them in. Northerns have snouts filled with long, sharp teeth and bright yellow eyes.


What fish are you hoping to catch on your next fishing excursion to Leech Lake?

Winter Wonderland

November 30th, 2017

Winter break is on its way and family plans are being made. We may be a bit bias, but we think the best place to spend the holiday is on the shores of Leech Lake.

Whether you love the snow and are an avid ice fisherman or snowmobiler, or if you prefer to tuck away with a book in front of the wood burning fire, our many resorts and inns can fit your needs.

Family Vacation in Leech Lake, Minnesota

Many of our lodging partners offer special deals to help celebrate the holiday and ring in the New Year. The area has several open houses and celebrations to check out, including an abundance of Christmas lights and celebrations throughout the town.

Check out our lodging page to book your next winter getaway with us here on Leech Lake.

Leech Lake Ice House Rentals

October 30th, 2017

As much as you don’t want to believe it, ice fishing season is right around the corner, so it’s important that you start to plan your ice fishing getaways. Not only is Leech Lake the perfect place to catch your limit’s worth of fish, but it is also the best place to rent an ice house for your ice fishing excursions. There are a handful of locations that offer a wide variety of different kinds of ice houses available to rent. Here are some of the locations available to rent ice houses:

Come experience the thrill of fishing through an eight-inch hole in the ice! Our Ice House is approximately 7′ x 14′, with six holes, propane heater, a kitchen stove, and 12 volt lights.


email -
Ice House Rental in Leech Lake Minnesota

This year Tom has a selection of deluxe sleepers along with day house rentals. Each of the houses is equipped with vented/thermostat heaters, bathroom area, oven/cooktop stoves, stereo, 4 bunks, rattle reels and cedar interior. 12v powers the lights and stereo that Tom provides. Along with a well-equipped fish house,  Tom will help you as much as he can to catch fish.

2 man sleepers do not have bathrooms or ovens but do have cooktops.


Contact: Tom Wilson


email –

Formerly Walker Fish House Rentals. Same owners, New name.

Various fish house sizes available, from an 8×12 house to the spacious 8×16 houses. All houses feature sleeping bunks, kitchenettes, rattle reels, multiple fishing holes, and are accessible by plowed roads.

Contact: Chris and Ashley Whitney


Fish Leech Lake with Walker’s huge selection of comfortable and custom-built fleet of houses which span across the entire lake. Their “ice team” is dedicated to ensuring you and your guests have assistance to finding the houses in the best locations, already warm and ready to drop the line. Many of their houses are located within minutes of shopping, food, and beverages in downtown Walker.


Units Available

10×20 – Sleeps 6 (w/ Bathroom)

 9×22 – Custom Sleeper

 8×20 – Sleeps 6 (w/ Bathroom)

 8×18 – Sleeps 4 (w/ Bathroom)

 7×16 – Sleeps 4 (w/ Bathroom)

 7×16 – Sleeps 4 (no Bathroom)

 8×16 – Sleeps 4 (no Bathroom




Outright offers a package deal which includes a basic ice trip lasting around 4-5 hours and includes the following: heated portable shelters, augers, rods, reels, tackle, bait and lake transportation as needed. They stay with you, being mobile and drilling as many holes as necessary ($125 a person). Outright Ice Angling can fully customize trips to meet your needs, including dawn-to-dusk or multi-day trips. Accommodations and discounts are available for large groups and families. Snow machines are utilized when conditions warrant and can cover the entire lake, even during heavy snow years. Comfortable stationary fish houses are also available.



Those are just a handful of the many options you have for ice house rentals on Leech Lake. If you want to make an entire weekend out of it, many of the resorts on Leech Lake offer ice house rentals when you stay with them. Whichever way suits your needs, we hope you take advantage of the time of these upcoming winter months and make memories out on Leech Lake!


Make sure whatever option you end up picking, you reserve your ice house soon as they go quick!

Fall Cabin Weekend at Leech Lake

October 30th, 2017

For many travel destinations, summer is the best time to take a vacation or weekend getaway, but that’s not the case in Leech Lake. Leech Lake prides itself on being a year-round travel destination, offering something special each season, especially in the fall.

Fall is a time to unwind from the crazy busy summer and time to relax before the hectic upcoming holiday season. Take this little slice of time to recharge along the shores of Leech Lake in one of the cozy cabins available. It’s the perfect time to sleep in a bit, sip on your morning coffee watching your kids play out in the fall crisp air and really spend time with the ones that mean the most.

One of the biggest benefits of staying at Leech Lake during the fall is the price cut on almost all cabins. There are cabins available for every kind of budget and taste!

Now when you’re at Leech Lake, apart from spending time at your cabin, there is a large variety of different things to do.

  • Biking on one of the many paths in and around Walker

  • Bird watching around your cabin

  • Fishing from the shores of your resort, or if you’re brave enough to head out onto the water. Leech Lake has GREAT fishing!

  • Hiking around your resort or all around Walker

  • Hunting. Walker offers great locations for duck hunting and has shooting ranges to practice up on your shooting skills

Really use this time to unplug, get down and dirty with your kids, allow this time to be spent making memories that will last a lifetime.  Plus, Leech Lake is an awesome spot to get some good family photos! Start a fire and have your kids help cook the meals on there and end the day sitting around the fire all bundled up talking about the day and eating s’mores! Dust off those board games from the closet at home that you never have time to play, or even teach your kids new games!

Whenever you decide to visit Leech Lake, we hope you take that time to truly make memories with your family and have stress-free fun!

For trip planning idea, check out our “plan your trip” option on our site and we look forward to seeing you!

Fall Colors Road Trip

October 16th, 2017

Leech Lake Fall Color Trip

Who doesn’t love a crisp fall afternoon, sipping on something pumpkin spice and driving around taking in the autumn scenery? With fall colors at its peak here in the Leech Lake area, there has never been a better time to pack up the car, grab the GPS and spend a day enjoying the beautiful Minnesota fall colors.



If you start your drive in Walker, you can head out of town on Highway 371, on your way to MN 200 you will catch some awesome views of the bright colored leaves reflecting off the lake. Once you get to MN 200 you will proceed east along the southern portion of Leech Lake catching plenty of views of beautiful colors as you move towards County Road 8 NE.


County Rd 8

After passing the southern part of Leech Lake, you will turn North on County Road 8 NE, wherein the Chippewa National Forest you will get a burst of colorful trees amongst dark green pine tree of the forest. Get ready to take your camera out to document the beauty of this forest! If you’re looking for a little bit more of an adventure, we highly recommend a detour off of County Road 8 onto taking a left on Forest Road 3033 right before you reach Bena. This detour is truly beautiful, and you won’t be disappointed. The drive is down a narrow dirt road with red, yellow and orange trees arching over the road, making colorful tunnels.


US 2

If you’re looking to continue the drive, you take US 2 west towards Bemidji and out of the Chippewa National Forest and towards the world famous Paul Unyan and Babe the Blue Ox Statue. Now if you want to keep this trip more on the nature side, you can take a leisurely stroll along the shores of the lake by turning right onto Roosevelt RD SE and you enter the town and then North on Lake Ave SE along the shores of Lake Bemidji. After you’ve explored your way through Bemidji, make your way South towards US 71 and make your back to Leech Lake.

US 71

If you’re looking for a straight and fast ride back to Walker, this is the route for you. As you reach Kabekona Corner take MN 200 back east towards Leech Lake. Don’t panic, you won’t be on the highway long, soon you will be headed deep into a forest of many different fall colors.


Minnesota State Highway 64

Take a right on MN 64 and head South on the beautifully lined birch highway of the Paul Bunyan State Forest. This route is the perfect way to experience a Minnesota fall drive. This route offers a wide array of fabulous shades of yellow as you pass by whitened birch trees lining the highway. This narrow highway through the forest is the perfect drive, with gentle hills, fabulous color, and gentle turns.


Blue Trail Forest Road

Not long after you pass Kabekona Road keep an eye out for Blue Trail Foret Road and turn left off Highway 64 onto this winding path. This route is lined with trees that offer a wonderful sight. This is the perfect route to soak in fall colors because this allows you to drive slower due to the little amount of traffic that uses this road. After leisurely driving down this road, turn North onto Parkway forest road and make your way to County Highway 39, and head on back to Walker, where you started your beautiful Leech Lake fall color drive.

If you’re looking to get the most of the beautiful fall colors in the Leech Laka area, and want to do it at your own speed this is the route to go. This route takes you on low traffic roads, National Forest, State Forets and the best colored offered in this area. So go ahead, pack up the kids, grab lunch and go explore all the beauty that Leech Lake in the fall has to offer! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Looking to make an entire weekend of fall exploring? Explore all of your lodging options o our lodging page. We look forward to seeing you!

Attractions in Leech Lake

October 16th, 2017

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean Leech Lake is! To many, Leech Lake is a summer’s paradise, and they are right, but there is a lot more to do in leech then hang out at the resorts or on the lake. So instead of having to search around for things to do not on the water, we’ve decided to do the work for you! Northern Minnesota is the perfect place to explore any season of the year and we are here to show you how much the Leech Lake area has to offer! Walker, MN is a beautiful town that is known for its shopping, festivals and wonderful community. Below is a list of attractions that is sure to make every member of your family happy!



Northern Lights Casino

6800 Y Frontage Raod
Walker, MN 56484

The Palace Casino & Hotel

16599 69th Ave NW
Cass Lake, MN 56633

White Oak Casino 

45830 US-2

Deer River, MN 56636



Portage Brewing Company

107 5th St S

Walker, Mn 56484



Forestedge Winery 

35295 State Hwy 64 (218)

Laporte, MN 56461



Cass County & Walker Museum Historical Societies

Hwy 200 & 371 Box 505

Walker, MN 56484



Sugar Point Battle Monument 

Walker, MN 56484

East side of Leech Lake

Cass County Museum/Historical Society, Pioneer School & Wildlife/Indian Art Museum

PO Box 505

Walker, MN 56484



Shingobee Recreation 


Walker, MN 56484


Paul Bunyan State Recreation Trail

Baxter, MN 56425





Bird Watching in the Chippewa National Forest 

44109 MN-46

Deer River, MN 56636


Baxter, MN 56425

Long Bow Golf Club

6516 Long Bow Trail NW

PO Box 1027

Walker, MN 56484

Tianna Country Club 

7470 State 34 NW

PO Box 177

Walker, MN 56484

Minnesota Duck Hunting (early October)

10215 Rifle Range Dr. NW

LaPorte, MN 56461


Heartland Trail 

Walker, MN 56484

North Country National Scenic Trail 

Walker, MN 56484

Lake Country Scenic Byway 

Walker, MN 56484









These are just a few of the great things to check out when visiting Leech Lake. Make sure to come back and check out the beautiful fall colors, the great skiing and snowmobiling trails and the Eelpout Festival in February! We look forward to seeing you!

Fall Activities in Leech Lake

September 27th, 2017

Leech Lake Fall Activities Guide

It’s that time of the year ago, where the days are shorter, the nights cooler and the leaves start to change. That doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the flag and start your winter hibernation quite yet, there is still so much to do here in Leech Lake in the fall. Who doesn’t love sipping a warm apple cider, while walking through the leaves and enjoy the fresh crisp fall air? Here’s how to can enjoy these next couple of months before the snow flies.


  • Heartland Trail: Near to Walker, the Heartland Trail is northern Minnesota’s oldest paved trail. The trail is 27-miles long and travels from Walker to Park Rapids. The segment southwest of Walker is praised not only for its beautiful rugged lakes and forest scenery, but also its frequent wildlife, native flowers, and beautiful fall colors. In this part of the trail, you can connect to Chippewa National Forest’s Shingobee Recreation Area. Thia trail also offers about 21 miles of unpaved glory connecting to the Paul Bunyan trail, before crossing the historic railroad trestle at very beautiful Kabekona Narrows on Leech Lake.
  • North Country National Scenic Trail: Fortunately for Leech Lake Area visitors, the Cass County portion of the North Country National Scenic Trail is complete. The entire trail, when finished, will be a magnificent 3,200 miles long walking trail connecting the Lewis & Clark Trail in western North Dakota with the Appalachian Trail in upstate New York. It will be the longest continuous footpath in the United States. Here, though, it is ready to be enjoyed. This path also meets up the Paul Bunyan’s Recreation Trail and Shingobee Recreation Area.  This trail offers pristine, wilderness lakes and wetlands, and through glorious, hundred-year-old stands of white and red pine forest.
  • Lake Country Scenic Byway: Highway 34 southwest from Walker through Park Rapids and on to Detroit Lakes was recently added to the list of Minnesota Scenic Byways. The drive takes in the north woods lake country along the way, and a spur about midway leads to Itasca State Park.


It may not be summer anymore, but the fish are still biting here on Leech Lake! Pack a lunch, put some cocoa in a thermos, bundle up, grab your pole and head out to catch some fish! Fish bite year round here on Leech Lake!


  • Christmas Point Wild Rice Co: If you are looking for an eclectic shopping experience ranging from home décor to wild rice and everything in between, you must take a trip to Christmas Point Wild Rice Co. Here you will find a wide variety of native Minnesota wild rice products, cabin friendly and up north style, home décor, food, Leech Lake branded clothing, jewelry, women’s clothing and much more! Christmas Point really does have something for everyone and you are sure to leave with something wonderful.
  • Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters: If you love the outdoors Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters is a must. This large local outdoor store has something for any outdoor enthusiast. With high-end rods, tackle, and many more fishing items you will want to stop at Reeds before you hit the water and start casting. However, fishing gear is only a small part of what Reeds has to offer. It also has a massive selection of Men’s and Women’s outdoor and active apparel, firearms, footwear, water sports equipment (Skis, Kayaks, Tubes, SUP’s Etc.) and so much more we can’t even list it all here. Any trip into Walker requires a stop at Reeds.
  • Walker General Store: The Walker General Store offers a beautiful interior, unique candies, old-fashioned sodas and many other treats. It also offers clothing, toys and more. Walker General Store truly has something for all ages, it is the perfect place the whole family can visit and everyone can find something for themselves. If the whole family is with you Walker General store is the perfect location, and don’t forget to pick up some great Leech Lake Souvenirs while you’re here.
  • Jenny & Company: For the chef or cook in your life Jenny & Company will be heaven.  Offering an astonishing variety of kitchen gadgets, bake-ware, accessories, gourmet foods, spices, teas, freshly roasted coffees and more. If you love to cook or know someone who does, we guarantee you will find some wonderful gifts for them or yourself here. Don’t forget to get to grab a cookbook to match your new cooking supplies and try a new recipe!
  • Green Scene: Well now that you have a cookbook you may want some local and or organic food from the Walker area, look no further than the Green Scene. Offering local vegetables and fruits, grass-fed beef, and a wide variety of other local produce, you can be sure to eat well in Leech Lake. The Green Scene also offers a small deli with fresh ready-made items for a quick, but delicious meal, and don’t miss out on a delicious wood-fired pizza available Thursdays at the Walker Farmers market. A foodies dream.


  • The Boulders: Known for its delicious and diverse array of dinner entrees the boulder will provide you with a wealth of truly delicious options. From Crab Crusted Grouper, Gorgonzola Ribeye, Penne Jambalaya, Walleye, and much more. The Boulder is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike so be sure you make a reservation if you plan a meal at prime times. Prepare yourself for difficult choices when choosing what to order, there are so many great options, you will want to try them all. Casual dinner and delightful entrees.
  • Jimmy’s Family Restaurant: If you are looking for a truly filling breakfast or a Homestyle meal this is the place for you! Known for their large breakfast dishes that will fill your plate and you up. If you’re looking for Homestyle Broasted chicken and mashed potatoes or meatloaf, Jimmy’s is not to be missed. Be sure to bring your appetite, and eat like a Lumber Jack. Minnesota Home cooking from their kitchen to your table.
  • The Piggy:  Kansas style BBQ made to perfection, in Leech Lake Minnesota. With BBQ briskets, ribs pulled pork and more, the piggy focuses on one genre of food and strives to achieve perfection. Expect long waits on most occasions and don’t be surprised if they sell out of food before closing. Once you sit down though and take your first bite you will find the wait more than worth the while. Melt in your mouth BBQ, made in Minnesota.
  • 502 Resturant: Dine in style, on the shores of Leech Lake. Best known for their wild rice bread and “award-winning” Black Angus prime rib, enjoy a night out you won’t soon forget. While you’re there enjoy drinks (and a happy hour) from the area’s largest bar, where you’re sure to find your drink of choice. Lakeside dining, drinks, and deliciousness.
Best of all, fall is the perfect time to reconnect and spend time with those that matter.With school and activities in full swing and the holidays right around the corner, life can get busy, which is why a fall getaway to Leech Lake is the perfect way to decompress.
If you’re looking for lodging or other things to do make sure to check out our site! We look forward to seeing you!

About Leech Lake

September 21st, 2017

Leech Lake is the third largest lake within the Minnesota’s border, coming in at about 112,00 acres and 230 miles of shoreline. The lake is geographically located in three glacial zones and has an irregular shape with very large bays and very small bays. The lake is surrounded by the Chippewa National Forest and most of the lake lies within the boundaries of the Leech Lake Indian Reservation. The deepest part of the lake is near Walker Bay where the depths can reach around 200 feet! Much of the lake is pretty shallow and has thousands of acres of wild rice. The lake is most popular for its Walleye and Muskie fishing but also is known for its Largemouth Bass, Northerns, Crappies and Sunfish.


  • The Leech Lake area was initially settled by the Sioux Indians, who eventually were driven out of the territory by the Ojibwe in the 1700′s.
  •  In the last 1700′s the first European French fur traders came to the area.
  • In 1785 the Northwest Company established two trading posts and started an influx of settlers to the area in the 1800′s.
  • In 1882 the Army Corps of Engineers built the Federal Dam on the Leech River. The Dam was initially built to control the river flow, but eventually, it started to raise the water level of the lake, which made it easier to navigate into Walker Bay. This was good for floating logs to the railroad in Walker.
  • In 1896 the town of Walker was founded after the railroad came to Leech Lake from Brainerd. From 1896 to 1925 Walker supported a booming logging industry, which gave the town revenue, so hotels, camping facilities, and public launching became available.
  • In 1898 the Battle of Sugar Point happened between the U.S Federal troops and the resident Ojibwe Indians. This was the last true Indian battle that happened in the United States. Since the Indians won the battle, it began a chain of events that eventually led the government to control the national forest land and the creation of the Chippewa National Forest.
  • In the early 1900′s Walker started to see an increase in tourism, which is when resorts and cabins started to pop up all around the lake and Leech Lake became what it is today.
Any way you look at it, Leech Lake has a rich history and a lot to offer. The old centuries have followed by a new century full of lodges, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, excursion boats, roads, canals, churches, shopping and so much more. If you are interested in learning more about the deep history of Leech Lake, check out our local museums and monuments.

Leech Lake Boat Rentals

August 23rd, 2017

Are you planning a last minute summer trip to Leech Lake and are in need of a boat? We have some good news for you, there is a multitude of different places that offer boat rentals in and around Leech Lake. This post will fill you in on all of the different locations that you can rent a boat for the day or even for the week.  I’m sure that after your first day out on the water, you won’t be able to bring the boat back at the end of the day! Provided below will be a detailed list of the locations, rates, and types of boat rentals that the different companies offer.

Acorn Hill Resort

Acorn Hill Resort


4691 Acorn Hill Ln

Walker, MN 56484


  • New Lund 1875 Impact Sport fishing boats with 115 HP, 4 stroke Mercury motors, fish/depth finders, console steering, marine band radios, 2 live wells.

Daily: $195

Weekly: $89

  • 18′ Lund with 25 hp electric start

Daily: $75

Weekly: $350

  • 18′ Lund with 70 HP Honda 4 stroke, console steering, fish/depth finder, live well, with marine band radio

Daily: $125

Weekly: $595

  • Misty Harbor pontoon 2 – 22′ pontoons with 40Hp Honda, fish/depth finder, and live well.

Daily: $150

Weekly: $750

  • Harbor slips

Daily: $10

Weekly: $50

•Gas not included

•Launch Fee $5


 BlueWater Lodge

bluewater lodge

7051 Wintergreen Trail

PO Box 486

Walker, MN 56484


22′ Southbay with a 50 HP Yamaha

Pontoon Features:

- 12 Passengers

- sun canopy

- ladder

- stereo

$75.00 per hour with 2 hour minimum

4 hours $175.00

6 hours $280.00

Additional hours $60.00

Guest is responsible for own fuel cost. Fuel tank comes full and must be returned full. Additional cost apply if returned otherwise. Rental contract to be provide upon day of rental.


Birch Ridge Resort

birch ridge resort


12797 N Shore Ln NW

Cass Lake, MN 56633

  • 18 ft. Canadian Crestline with 40 HP Electric Start Motor

Daily: $79.00

Weekly: $395.00

  • 18 ft. Kodiak w/40 HP Electric Start Motor

Daily: $89.00

Weekly: $445.00

  • 22 ft. Weeres Tritoon with 90 HP Electric Start Motor

Daily: $165.00

Weekly: $695.00

  • 20 ft. New Bennington with 70 HP Electric Start Motor

Daily: $165.00


  • Personal Boat (Weekly Includes Launch)

Daily: $15.00

Weekly: $75.00

  • Launch & Assisted Launch

Daily: $5.00


Hiawatha Beach Resort

Hiawatha Beach Resort


10904 Steamboat Bay Loop NW

Walker, MN 56484

  • Houseboats

3-day weekend or mid week 4-day: $1515

  • Speed Boats

Daily: $210

Weekly: $1050

  • Pontoon Boats

Daily: $250

Weekly: $1250

  • Fishing Boats

Daily: $260

Weekly: $1300